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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A girl meets an unusual old man on a train.Will the secrets unreveal themselves and will she find
out secrets about her past.............

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



“Do you mind If I borrow your pen for a while?” a strange voice startled me as I was lost in my thoughts . “Sure!!!” I said in a low-voice trying to find one in my purse. Though my fingers were busy finding the pen, my eyes kept staring at the old man who is trying to read my expression. He must be around 65.His body was weak and fragile ,his skin wrinkled but his eyes seemed a bit weird. I handed over the pen to him as he took it and walked away just to sit a few yards away from me. The metro is not too crowded that day and one could only see few heads here and there. This is the usual time i.e.7:15 in the morning that I travel by train to the workshop to make perfumes. I brew lavender ,roses, different flowers and try out different combinations to arrive at the right formula. I usually sit by the window and stare at the life outside the train getting lost in the moving canvass painted by God. Tthat day was so unusual. The sky was too dark for 7 am and all I could see is twilight. Moreover the sky seemed rather dark. ” Why did this old man want a pen out of nowhere? And why did he ask me when there are so many here?“ I said to myself. The old guy took out a book from his bag which looked very old and torn. He kept scribbling Something or probably drawing while looking at me once in a while as he scribbled in his book. It kinda made me uncomfortable. So, I just got up and found myself a seat on the other side away from him.


It’s 7.00 in the morning and I was waiting for my train. My hair was so messy and I blamed myself for the choice of my clothes. Well,I could not help , I just got up too late. The train came in and I sat at the window as usual. There is this old man sitting opposite to me with a smirk on his face.”What the hell” I told myself. There is something strange about him that gives me chills down my spine. I have a fear of ambiguity. This strange man started scribbling again something in the book looking at me .This time I was so afraid that it made me sweat even in the chill weather. The old guy scribbling something about me as soon as I get into the train had almost become a ritual and this made me more and more anxious day after day.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It’s 10’o clock at night and I just tucked myself into bed and slipped my cold feet into the warm blankets. I started seeing mails on my laptop and realised that there were too many unread mails. Some of them were personal which I had answered right away . Out of nowhere, this random mail struck my attention. It was from an unknown source .I opened this strange mail and it said something like..... “Dear....if u r reading this, It means that I could finally communicate u. It’s not easy at all to communicate u..u know ..I have been trying real hard..almost from 4 years ...just to get in touch with u....but in vain.” It ended.”Who the heck Is this? why does he want to communicate with me?”I said to myself. My head started hurting real bad and I took Some pills in an attempt to kill the pain. I was curious and at the same time it’s freaking me out. I felt like someone was stalking me. I wanted to know who the sender was. But I had got no guts to reply to that mail. But I could not ignore it just as if it means nothing. I wanted to know who it was. Hence, I replied “Who is this?” for which the reply came almost immediately. It said “ DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTER LIFE AND KARMA? DO U THINK THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH ?”. I just shut the laptop even without turning it off and ran into the kitchen to drink some water. I was sweating Profusely and could feel my heart beating in my throat. I was schizophrenic since I was 15 and had been on treatment Since then. I blamed schizophrenia every minute of my life for making my life a living hell as I have to deal with All kinds of hallucinations and psychosis. I sometimes hear voices , not just one...imagine a group of people following You everywhere .They are invisible but still you can hear them. Sometimes , they say all good things about you. But sometimes they call you names , call you fat and ugly, tell that you are a failure and a burden to everyone living On this planet. I was just a normal person but during the episodes of psychosis which range from one to two hours Each , It’s a living hell. I want to bang my head. My doctor said that It’s just the part of my brain which is wired differently that is responsible for ever I am going through. For a normal person, when he thinks something , his brain can differentiate The real life from his own thoughts. He knows that they are his thoughts. But for people like me , that part of brain which signals that they are my own thoughts is messed-up. So, all I hear is voices and It’s just a part of schizophrenia. But it doesn’t happen all the time. So, the mail which i got is definitely a reality. The next morning I got into the train and there was no trace of this old guy. At the work , I just wanted to confirm If the mail was real and asked my friend to read it out for me. It’s indeed real .My friend said” Hey! There is this another mail from this sender.” This time it’s just a barcode and nothing else. We rushed to the retail section where they have a barcode scanner. I encrypted the barcode and the information is never ending. I just cut it off at some point and stored it in my pen drive. I wanted to read it in privacy, so I left early that day and was waiting for the train. I got into the train and sat on one of the seats. I was so unhappy and gloomy. “You definitely don’t look happy sweetheart. Do you?” said this old woman sitting next to me with a friendly smile on her lips. She was so familiar and I could not stop myself from asking her ”Did we ever met before?”. ”Maybe. Maybe not. After all it’s a small small world.” She smiled. “Well, I know life is not a bed of roses but I believe You can get through it. I am a schizophrenic from past 50 years , so definitely my life is not that easy. Still I am fighting like a hero. You are young .You are supposed to be brave. Just believe in yourself.” “I am a schizophrenic too.” I told her. “I know.” She said. “ How do you know?” I asked her. “Some questions are not meant to be answered honey.” said the old lady. “Wait !!! I have this same scar on my left hand. It was from burning myself accidentally with a hot cast iron when I was 3.” “Who are you? You seem so familiar to me.” I said drawing my eyebrows closer together. “I got to get down probably. It was my stop.” She said hesitatingly. “ To answer your question , I AM YOU ...FROM THE FUTURE.” She said and swiftly got down before disappearing into the crowd. I got back home , buried my face in the pillow and cried till it soaked in my tears.”Why is this happening to me? I don’t deserve any of this. Who was that old man and where is he now? And did I just meet myself from the future?” I finally thought It’s time for me to read the mail sent in barcode. It said...... “ Dear Emilie.... This is professor Theodre Collingwood. I taught music and art at UNIVERSITY OF SCOTLAND .This is indeed 120 years ago.I was schizophrenic and my family left me not even considering the fact that I was really old at that time.Indeed my life was hell , but I never gave up. I continued teaching art and music to you and many students like you who were very passionate about it. You even used to be my model for many of my art works. When there was no one beside me , It was you who gave me spirit to live even when the whole world labelled me as a maniac and a lunatic. They never understood that with enough support from family and friends, even people with schizophrenia can lead a close-to- normal life if not completely normal. It’s 26th of December 1897.I had completed my art work that was inspired from you after a hard work of almost 6 months. When I was rushing to show it to you , I accidentally got slipped under the train while getting down. That was how I met my end. You perhaps don’t remember me now but I just want to say thank you so much for showing a little kindness to this oldman. That meant a lot to me. I tried to contact you many times but I could not .I just want to say “Don’t be sad. You suffer from schizophrenia now. But never let it come across your way. Live your life to the fullest. Chase your dreams. Follow your heart. I just want to show a little bit of gratitude and return kindness that you showed upon me in your previous life. Love..............”.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE END

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