seeing double

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Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



“And you’re sure Ryan left before you found the body?” I asked, looking at a picture him. Only thing I found next to our victim. The man in the picture had blue eyes. A long sharp nose and a stubby chin. Not a good-looking man.


“Yes sir… No one’s seen him after what happened and um… and I was on duty. He was the last person to leave the building,” answered the watchman. I had no reason to suspect the poor old watchman.  The tired man had been good help. All the other suspects had good alibis, maybe this Ryan was our murderer. He was the only one missing.


“Do you have any idea where he went?”


“I wouldn’t know. He would usually leave around 8A.M though…I think to go to work.”


“So, he has never left at 4 AM before?” I asked trying not to yawn.


“Not that I’ve seen him.”


“Did this Ryan have any reason to murder Miss Peters?”


“They used to date or so I’ve heard…Nasty breakup.”


Now that was quite interesting. “Thank you for your time,” I said. Time to find this Ryan. I looked at my phone. 6:30 AM. Shit. He could be long gone by now, I needed to hurry if he was still here. Fumbling with my phone, I called the station. Ashley picked up, “Hey Ash, I need you to see if there were any trains or buses out of town after 4 AM…God that’s lucky, take a squad to the bus depot, I’ll head to the train station.”


I rushed to my car. If I could find this guy the case may be over before breakfast. This was a real chance. The station wasn’t that far, it was lucky this town had only one. If he hadn’t found another way to run we’d have him.



Even at this hour the train station was somewhat busy. “The 7:00 train to XXXXXX is now boarding.” FUCK. The announcement scared the shit out of me. I slowly made my way towards the train, scanning the people around me in hope I’d see the blue eyes and that sharp nose. There! Blue eyes. Reading a newspaper. With a hand on my gun’s grip, I moved towards hi-


A person ran into me from behind. “Sorry detective, just trying to get to the train.”


“That’s alright” I moved aside.


“Thanks!” said the man. I turned myself around and scanned the crowd in front of me. He was gone, fuck. With a sigh, I fiddled in my pocket to find a cigarette. I could only feel my badg- FUCK. How the fuck did that guy know I was a detective? Shit! That was Ryan. What The Fuck. I needed to find him. Resting my arm on my gun’s grip, I entered the train. It was only five carriages long. I’d find it.


The first carriage was nearly empty, just two passengers each trying to get some sleep in their seats, neither of them Ryan.  I guessed all the carriages would be empty so I drew my gun before I entered the next carriage.




“Well, looks like the detective finally made it.” He knew. What the fuck.


I pointed my gun at him, “It’s over Ryan. Come peacefully with me. There’s no need for anything rash.”


“Who says I’m ryan?” A cold barrel pressed against the back of my head. I turned around, there he was. Ryan with a gun against my head.


“Seeing double?”




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