Eternal Serenity

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This was written around the age of 12; my first really good work. Enjoy.

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



I'm trapped in Eternal Serenity so peaceful and so calm

Away from all this violence, gun fires, and nuclear bombs

Nothing is wrong, it seems everything is going my way

Underneath sparking stars is where I peacefully lay

Walking through mystical forests with feelings of ecstasy

No one on earth could understand this happiness inside of me

The Sun and Moon come together to form the perfect combination

No one one on earth could understand this type of imagination

Suddenly it becomes pitch black and gunfire erupts

It seems my methodical ways have made me somehow corrupt

A dark creature approaches as I run away in fright

Praying on my knees God please let me see the light

The dark creature approaches, nothing to say so I pray

That the Lord will take my soul if I don't see another day

The creature then grabs me tortures me and brings me to Hell

But on my way down, Heaven was where I fell 

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