White Man's World

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Written over Tupac Shakur's song "White Man'z World" off of Makaveli album.

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



You say it's a white man's world but why do you want to blame me?

I didn't choose to encompass blacks in crude forms of slavery

This game was gave to me from the cradle to the grave I'll remain to be

The realest revolutionary poet with immense bravery

Your skins not the same as me, but did you know we're more alike than different?

In my soul is something exquisite that can't be seen to human existence

To get specific, exhibits in my pages don't match my cover

And a man who appears Caucasian, could really be your brother

Let's unite with one another, and discover the true light

Stop all the negative rap music, let's strive to do right

See I gained sight, learned the levels and rules of this game tight

It's clear my mind was sparked, which makes my brain bright

Although the fame's nice, my greatest fortune's to be humble

It's about how many times you got up, it's not how many times you stumbled

Before this earth begins to crumble, I hope the world can see my struggle

Feel like it's me against the globe, to many this may seem subtle

To all my family and friends I love you, it's genuine and not a mockery

I know Barack seems heaven-sent, we're not ready yet, that's my prophecy

Reincarnation is like the lottery, sculpt young minds like they're pottery

Ever if you think since birth I'm cursed, no matter what Allah's with me

That's God you see, live your life with no apologies

Whether you read the Bible or Qur'an if you're feeling this come on and follow me

Study theology, don't let your mind decompose and start hollowing

If you want to help me change the world, then it's time to start acknowledging

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