True Colors

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Inspired by Barack Obama.

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



Throughout the day and the night, it seems there's an ongoing fight

Of judgmental people criticizing someone based off first sight

Their first appearance, first impression, is usually somewhat based on race

People make stereotypes based off culture fueling to even more hate

Can’t we escape judging someone because of the textural patterns on their face?

Racial consolidation and alliance still isn’t fully discovered and we need to pick up the pace

In this place, I mean heavenly earth, every since I entered on my day of birth

I’ve tried to comprehend why people think someone’s color equals their true worth

It hurts to know some people get hired or fired just because of the color of their skin

When I was just as happy as the next in Nov. 2008 hoping that Barack Obama would win

True Color doesn’t have to do with how you look or the race of your brother or mother

True Color deep down is the way that we react with one another to truly discover

That we are all God’s creation; minimum wage has got a lot of people caged in

To a vicious cycle turning you psycho, how alike we all are is truly amazing

Searching for unification, and out of curiosity, do any of you find this to be hypocrisy?

Since I'm a white man just like the first 42 presidents, or do I exemplify luminosity?

I believe true color is what's inside of our bodies, don’t look at everything so optically

Even if you don’t understand my message please don’t discourage it with animosity

Just like Socrates in Western Philosophy, he said you must judge yourself and others

In order to reach the highest form of human excellence but this does not include color!

In the Bible, Torah, and Qur’an, God’s word has nothing to do with if you're black or white

So let’s put the past behind us, come together as one, and fortify racial harmony tonight

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