Mother Africa Pt 2

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Written after regaining my mind and soul beginning of 2015.

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



When everything is going wrong and then God guides your life

Is like receiving acclaim after hard work and the strife

On a cold winter night, I wrote this poem

For the popular kid who feels so alone

Immersed in technology with instant gratification

Who idolizes their stars, memorizing their lines verbatim

Who yearns to be rich, would sell their soul for fame

Who tweets, takes selfies and accepts the pride of gays

I hate to rain on your parade, I'll be banished and cast away

Bringing the intensity to mind of an indentured captured slave

Grandchildren are capped and slayed, called savages to this day

While white supremacists instill institutional racist ways

Through mainstream media and subliminal messages

I wrote this poem from the heart, yet it came out so effortless

Never second guess, always follow your instincts

I believe in Allah, hell I might take a drink

I've smoked weed and had sex, yet I say with introspect

We need more thinkers with profound intellect

We need more leaders! We need more dreamers!

I love African people from the Dinkas to the Dingas

Bringing the soul of Aretha with the edge of Eldridge Cleaver

While y'all are looking at me like the kid from "Leave it to Beaver"

Warming up like a fever like I touched you with Ether

Wonder how I sound smarter? I've become a voracious reader

Turn off the heater, time to do the cool-down

Through wisdom I teach, strictly dope is the sound

So when you're feeling really rotten and your problems just won't stop

Know that you'll make it through and that you are Hip Hop


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