The Candle

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Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



A candle that was long

In the dark waiting

Has now been lit

And is brightly flaming. 

A child, a child

Has just been born. 

The candle glows

Like golden morn. 


The same candle burns

With vigor undying. 

The once-child now is 

A man gently sighing. 

The child, the child

Has come into bloom. 

The candle still burns 

Like bright, sunny noon. 


The candle is fading, 

Its soft light now wanes

When to that same man

Come sorrows and pains. 

That child, that child

Has come to death's sight. 

The candle burns out

And makes way for night. 


But you must not fret, 

The sun will come yet

And give light to a new wick

On white candlestick. 

For always there is light, 

And when it dies, 

Like Phoenix from ashes

Again it will rise. 


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