Fear and Love

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Written within days of my mind being sparked.

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



What happens when fear and love preoccupy’s one moment?

Will one outweigh the other or will they clash in a manner so potent?

What happens when what you believe goes against what you’ve been told?

Will the Lord see my sincerity and have mercy on my soul?

A dreaming poet with a mission, and ambitions inside my heart

Instead of unity, we emphasize religion and race as it tears us far apart

When you lose sight of your dream, how do you regain your faith?

I judge a man by the desires in his eyes, not by the color of his face

Fear and love is like a tornado, the mixture of hot and cold

As a child you just want to grow up and then you don’t want to grow old

I'm sure to be a political activist in this Capitalistic society

To spread truth to the youth with community interaction not quietly

I want my voice to be heard, from the worst hoods to the best burbs

And let them focus not on my culture and background, but on the meaning behind my words

In my heart, I can hear the answers; in reality I can see the lies

I know that my love will conquer fear when I meet my angels in the sky


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