Chief: His Story. (Part One)

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Native American man who is homeless shares his story.

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



Hello.  My name is Chief; never mind my real name; most people, they call me Chief.  Maybe it's because I'm Native; I don't know, but that's how I am known 'round these parts.  I am homeless; my fault: I drunk myself out of a loving family relationship and I lost everything: my job, my income, my home, my family.  

And I regret everything.  I should have stopped drinking while I was ahead; but I could not stop, so I got what I deserved.  I'm trying like hell to quit, but it 'tain't easy, not by a long shot.  Been goin' to AA meetings at the local church, but it's hard to stay 'way from the booze when it's so readily available 'round me.  But I haven't had a drink in a week, so maybe that's countin' for something.

I am of the Lakota Sioux Nation.  I live in North Dakota, on the streets, in the reservation; have nowhere else to go. Not with no job or income or a place to live.  I while my time sleepin' under bridges or in alleyways (or in homeless shelters if I can get in; seems there's more and more people usin' the facilities now more than ever).  I even see entire families with kids and even babies present; it's very depressing.  Kids and teens and women don't deserve this crap.  Nobody does, even when it's their fault.  You never know just how good it is to have a roof overhead 'less you don't have one; then when you are in this state, you wish to the Great Spirit that you did have a home to call your own.

I know I do.  I pray to the Great Spirit every day, asking him to bring me a place, but so far he hasn't listened.  Know it takes time, but still .....

I know my family's mad at me; don't blame 'em one bit.  I have a beautiful wife and a son and daughter ... or did, before I became homeless.  I wonder if they think of me ... kinda' doubt it.  Kinda hard to get over a guy who drank like a fish and squandered everything away; wifey got sick of it, so she threw me out; and here I am, on the streets.

When I do have a place to stay, it's not so bad; but when I don't, I have to make do and try to get to shelter if the weather's bad and pray that I don't get thrown out of a place like the hospital or the library; quite often I do, 'cause people, they don't want me stinkin' the place up.  I haven't had a good bath in weeks so I sorta smell ripe.  It's embarrassing.  Also embarrassing when one doesn't have clean clothes to wear; have to wear the same thing day in and day out; no wonder I smell.  

Well, hell's bells, just found a $20.00 bill; gonna go to the sandwich shop here and get myself an actual hot meal and eat like real people!  Yes! Thank you, Great Spirit; that was fast! :)  Will write in here again soon; take care and may the Great Spirit bless you!


*End of part one!*

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