The Tale of Zahir and Nesha

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The epic adventure of Zahir with nesha

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



THE TALE OF ZAHIR AND NESHA ((((((. (A story by "Mir Tipu Sultan". ))))

It had been a week since the 10 exam and i had to join an academy.well it was for my best.I was admitted into into into nastion academy{names had been changed} So here comes an adventure which wasent expected my me.


So iam went to my class so there they were a boy and girl sitting a row gap from each other not so friendly at first neither later.So i placed myself on the chair. After the class he finally greated me and that was all. i then there was chemistry,physics,bio class and then I finally went to home {the boy name was zahir and the girl nesha \


i went to school and chemistry class was taken and then we{zahir and me} had a little chat } zahiis quite tall boy,light brown color,nice hairs , intelligent and desrve more words.well lets come to nesha normal height,fair complex but alittle bumy and yes very rich girl , the boy is also rich but not that much.there never was even an exchanging of a single word between me and the girl.WHY???????????????????? because iam not that good LOOKING DUHHH

DAY3 { THE first move }

SO here am j entering the class and there is a new boy a nice fella but in the begning we didnt had much chat i dont know but it was my here come the first ever exchange of word between nesha and zahir he asked him for his physics notebook as she was absent yesterday !!!!!!!!!!!!! so this was the first move


entering class i was like what the as there were a ouple of girls and a boy well some class mates and there was this girl sania turning his chair backwords towards zahir talking as they knew eachother since chilhood.Finally i came to know she was her causion well that was not so exciting so lets give us give some time to nesha and sania to be familiar well eachother


SO TODAY THINK WENT FAR MORE Further then we expected i while enetering class witnessed zahir telling funny quotes and nesha and sania laughing well she has his head tilled along his sholder as zahir was in back row well he went with few more and finally stopped as class had began well then she during class asked calculator from zahir well that was all for todayand huh Sania is going to Lahore for few days.

Day 6 { The first talk} I enter the class and there are Zahir and nesha talking and laughing loudly and there was no one else except me observing them so the day goes on the talk slot after each class

Day 7 . ( the mistake } OK so today they are not having a conversation as nesha is too busy telling her friend about their yesterday conversation and they were like wooo well Zahir was unaware of that but when we waiting for chemistry class here comes nesha and her friend having big smiles on their faces giving a tissue to Zahir yes a tissue most of you know what this means but for those who don't let me explain if you google old method of showing love it would include giving of handkerchief but as nowadays people keep tissue so that explains it as he didn't require one so what she was trying to do is showing her friend that they were having a relationship well that didn't went to well by the looks on zahirs face it can be stated that he clearly didn't liked it or I rather say hated it.

Day 8 {The revenge) So Sania had returned and all the other students are present and the class is full again. So during physics class Sania asked a question while answering teacher adviced student not to miss the attendence where Zahir placed. A comment on her causion saying especially they shouldn't be absent for 3 days. Nesha who had a lot of confidence that the boys is hers tried to take the comment on herself just to evolve herself in conversation well Zahir didn't allow her and place her out of conversation . Well this didn't stopped her after 3-4 min later she again tried to enter into conversation but again placed out with a louder voice this time

Day 9 [the tease ]

OK the very next day they are all here and Zahir is in good mood and hun so chemistry class begin meanwhile Zahir started teasing her by saying something that make her felt bad but when he continued her causion Sania stopped her well that was for today.

Day 10 ( The big silent. )

So here am I in the class so I'm gonna tell you about the 2 second causion. she kept talking all the time so here am I nesha I silent 2 causion keeps on talking and they are having a conversation Sonia Zahir and her causion.All along nesha was silent. Well as ramzan I can't even look at you but it seems like she is just enjoying the it seems like a great friendship had grown etween the Sania and mesh but well once Zahir shows no interest in Sania and insult her again by saying not talking to you Oh God when will he be in love with this dumb girl I think she is afraid of his causion or maybe because of ramzan we will see about tha

Day 11 ( salam )

So here it was a tough day I had to offer a prayer on the roof of mosque in direct sunlight. But here something strange happened I went to class and There she is saying Salam that was in expected but nice but I don't want this I want him to interact with Zahir so .My story can begin .OK so after the class a new girl nesha's friend came she is quite pretty I think even though I didn't had a nice look at him but she is failing and I think she would be thinking about changing method or infact target so that was all for today.. Day 12 ( Nothing ) So here am I sitting in the class and Zahir continues to talk for an hour but nesha is not here Shania is present but she is not a main character so let's wait and see what happens. Waiting but wait here comes the new girl wow she is pretty hair hanging down on face such beautifuly!!!

Day 12( Normalday) Ok so i was still thinking about the new girl I never got to know her name ) nesha came Zahir came his causion also and finally the new girl and I got to know that the new girl and nesha were friends not very good but nice but she didn't seem that beautiful how I imagined so that's it for today bye DAY 13 (I left ) Ok so I went to academy the new girl was absent and it were a week for EID so Zahir causion gave a leave for 2 days and the 10 result was also comming and so the day passed and I left the academy and didn't go back rather joined a new academy . I wounder what will happen I will see Zahir at school but what about Nesha no one can say ..... So that it

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