October 31st Part 2: Skully's Revenge

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Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



October 30th A Celebration day for Jamie Today, She Turns fourteen years old, Jamie’s mum Mary got her a mobile phone, thanks mum! Mary’s god mum Martha turned up to Jamie’s birthday, Happy Birthday Jamie! Thanks, Martha! the doorbell rang, Mary went to open the door and she sees a present left on the porch. You got another present Jamie, who’s it from mum? Hmmmm! it doesn’t say Jamie opened it and it was an IPad, who on earth would give me an IPad? That’s odd, its mine now. Jamie thanks her Mum for planning her Birthday, and she also thanked Martha for attending, it means a lot to her. Jamie’s Dad Jeff couldn’t make it to her Birthday because he had to do work Business out of town, so he had time to Call Jamie, and wished her a Happy Birthday, she asked him when is he going to visit? two weeks’ sweetie, ok Night! Goodnight! Jamie Had a long day with her birthday, and staying up a bit late, she started to feel very tired, she went in the blankets and straight to sleep.

The next day Halloween Afternoon! Jenny and Jamie went to the Costume Shop, to get a Halloween Costume to wear at Jenny’s Halloween Party. Jenny decided to go as a Bad Witch Jamie went as a beautiful Witch, they got what they needed, Jenny and Jamie were walking back home, Jamie says to Jenny will there be guys at the party, yeah! you’re going to have a ball, Cool see you tonight, what time is the party? At seven. Jamie went home, she had lots of time until the party starts, she went on the iPad, spent a bit of time on there, and watched a movie for half an hour. Jamie checked the time, she has got thirty-five minutes until the party starts, she decided to have a shower, then she went in her room to put on her costume and make-up

Jamie said to Mary she’s ready for the party, Mary smiled and said you look beautiful sweetheart, as Jamie smiled back, Thanks Mum! It took twenty minutes for Mary and Jamie to arrive at the party, Have a goodnight Sweetie! I will pick you up at nine-o-clock, ok thanks mum!






October 31st Halloween Night! Jamie’s Best Friend Jenny, decided to have a Halloween party at her house, lots of people showed up at the party, Jamie was the most popular girl there. a boy named Eric showed up at the party and he sees a beautiful girl in front of him, which turned out to be Jamie, he walks towards her and introduces himself, he Smiles at Jamie Hello! she smiled back at Eric Hey! I’m Eric, Nice to meet you Eric I’m Jamie, Nice to meet you too Jamie, I know we just met I think you’re a beautiful girl and I was just wondering if you like to dance with me, Sure Eric! Jenny could tell by the smile on Eric’s Face that he likes Jamie, Jenny Secretly went to the DJ to play a Romantic Song, Jamie and Eric looked each other in the eyes they slowly moved forward and they Kissed, Jenny was so Happy for Jamie and Eric. My mum is here to pick me up, I just wanted to say thanks Eric for the dance, I hope I can see you again, Eric replies Same here! Jenny said to Eric I’m Happy for you and Jamie, Thanks! could you please give me her Address, Yeah Sure! There you go Eric! Thanks, Jenny, Goodnight! The next day Jenny and Jamie went to school, they were going to their lockers, out of the blue! Eric was there, Hey Stranger! Hey Jamie! Jenny! what class have you guys got now, English! same! I will walk with you guys; Jamie says thanks Eric! you’re such a Gentleman. While! Jenny, Jamie and Eric was in class, Jamie saw Skully outside the window, standing across the road, when she looked at the window again Skully was not there. Jenny, Jamie, and Eric walked together after School, Jamie says Jenny come over to my house! You too Eric! My mum wants to meet you, they were all heading to Jamie’s House! as soon as they got there, Jamie Introduced Eric to her mum Hello Eric! My name is Mary, Nice to meet you Mary, Eric Responded! Same here love! I should get home now Jamie, thanks for the walk! Anytime! Mary had a happy look on her face, He’s such a nice boy Jamie, He sure is! Me and Jenny are just going to hangout in my room, ok! Have fun Girls! Jenny and Jamie went to watch a movie called The Exorcist, when Jamie saw the priest in the movie, it reminds her of the priest at, Lakesville church, Father Matthew. Eric went for a walk to the Church to Visit Father Matthew, He was saying to Eric I saw you last week, walking past the church with Jenny and Jamie, Father Matthew said in a soft depressed Voice I want you to be safe Eric! what’s wrong Father Matthew? If something is bothering you, please tell me! It will make you upset, don’t worry about it, Please Father, Tell me! I’m sorry to tell you this, but? Jamie is Skully’s Niece, Eric had a shocked look on his face I’m sorry Eric! I should go, Goodbye Father!






On a cold windy night, Martha was sitting in her room, she got up from the chair, and was looking at the window, she looked scared because she saw Skully standing outside. She ran out of her room and escaped from the aged-care building while she was escaping Skully Appeared in front of Martha, Martha gave Skully a Hard Knock in the face, she was trying to run as fast as she can, Skully quickly Grabbed Martha, he pushed her to the ground! Martha Yells! Someone, please help me! Martha was crawling and crawling, Skully stabbed the axe, three times! through Martha’s Body. Skully Picked Martha up and Chucked her through the Aged-care Building window, everyone scream and panicked, the staff called Detective Smith and the ambulance, they were on their way to Lakesville Aged-care, Detective Smith Looked at Martha’s Body and he made a call to Mary to let her know, Mary and Jamie wanted to get there as fast as they can. Mary and Jamie finally arrived, then they quickly got out of the car Mary shouted in a sad voice Aunty Martha! When Jamie saw Her mum crying so much and saw the dead body she was in tears as well. The next day in the Afternoon, Jamie’s dad Jeff arrived at Lakesville, to surprise his Daughter, Jeff said to Mary! I’m so sorry for your loss Mary! Thanks, Jeff! Martha’s Funeral is in three weeks, are you coming? I want to pay my respects, so, yeah sure! Thanks, I appreciate it. Jamie lets Mary and Jeff Know that she’s Going to Jenny’s House, Jenny said sorry to Jamie for her loss, they decided to walk to the park, meanwhile! Jamie and Jenny saw Eric, Jamie went to talk to him, Eric said to Her in an angry voice! What do you want? What’s your problem! you knew? why didn’t you tell me? Tell you what! Skully is your uncle! Jenny goes to Jamie and Eric and says Woah Eric, Calm down! My brother Hunter is Dead! thanks to your stupid Uncle! Don’t you guys ever talk to me again! Eric was too angry and he walked off, Jamie busted into Tears, then Jenny rubbed Jamie’s back, and said it’s alright Jamie you’re a beautiful girl, Eric acted like a Jerk! I will walk you home, thanks Jenny! Anytime! Jenny went to go to Eric’s House, and explained to him you made my best friend upset what’s your problem? How did you know Skully is Jamie’s Uncle? Father Matthew Told me! I shouldn’t’ve yelled at Jamie ok I’m sorry! Skully Killed my brother, and I’m upset about that! yeah well, Jamie is going through a rough time too, Her Grandma got killed and she is grieving oh my god! That’s horrible! When I see her, I will talk to her, please be nice to her, I will!






Eric felt bad for getting angry at Jamie, he went to her house, he Knocked on the door! Mary answered the door! what do you want! I want to talk to Jamie! Yeah you should’ve realized that, before you made my daughter upset, look I stuffed up alright, I want to make it right, Jamie hears the conversation, Mum it’s alright! Eric apologized to Jamie and he said sorry for your loss, Jamie said thanks Eric I Appreciate it, I will see you around! ok cool. Oliver and Cindy were having sex and making out on the couch, wow you got amazing tits, Oliver and Cindy kept on moaning while there kissing, Skully then Grabbed Oliver and Slit his throat, Cindy was screaming, Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! She was running to the front door and trying to escape, Skully then grabs Cindy, while he’s holding her to the ground, Skully Grunts loud and stabs her four times. April and Jasper were on their way to the house, they noticed all the lights were off, as they walked in the house, they called out, Oliver! Cindy! April Turned the lights on, her and Jasper saw Oliver and Cindy dead on the ground covered in blood, they panicked and said oh my god! Jasper called Detective Smith, saying they found Oliver and Cindy dead were at the house now we need you to come by, alright Jasper! I’m on my way. Detective Smith Entered the house, when he saw April and Jasper crying and the dead bodies on the ground, he felt so sorry for them, Jasper said to Detective smith, Skully could be anywhere around Lakesville we need to catch this son-of-a-bitch and make sure he dies in hell, he killed my brother April’s Sister and everyone we cared about, April! Jasper! I agree with you guys when we catch Skully, that bastard is going straight to hell. Detective Smith Decided to Pay Father Matthew a visit and told him that he found two dead body’s so all together three people are murdered the one is Martha the two other bodies are Oliver and Cindy, That’s Horrible! They were good people! April and Jasper are grieving that they lost their brother and sister, I will do a eulogy at the cemetery about Martha, Oliver and Cindy because they were very nice people, Thanks Father Matthew everyone will appreciate it, Goodnight! Goodnight Detective! By the time Detective Smith got Home it was Midnight, because he worked so hard, he went to go get a drink of water, suddenly he was tired and he’s eyes looked drowsy he passed out on his bed and went straight to sleep.







The Next Morning Family and Friends went to Lakesville Church, it was a three-death funeral, Martha, Oliver, and Cindy Father Matthew says a Eulogy for all three of them their relatives get to say a speech they started off with Martha’s Niece Mary, Mary said that she loved her very much and its sad she’s gone but will never be forgotten, the Last relative speech for Martha is Martha’s Grand-Daughter Jamie, Jamie says, she had a lot of good memories with Martha, and she loves her very much. Next, Father Matthew said Oliver’s Older Brother Jasper, is going to say a few words, Jasper says Oliver! I’m going to miss having you around, I wish you were here, I Love you man! I will always be there for you, Jasper then cries! and sits down! Thankyou Jasper! Last speech today, Cindy’s Older sister April goes to the microphone, and says Cindy you will always be my baby sister, I love you, you’re so beautiful, and I’m going to miss you, Father Matthew Thanks, Mary, Jamie, Jasper, and April for saying the speeches, everyone got up and left the church. As soon as Jamie Mary and Jeff arrived home Jamie asked Mary and Jeff if she can catch up with Jenny, they said alright! not to late! Thanks! Jamie and Jenny was walking in the streets; they see a black van! It turned out to be Skully! that was driving the Van, He pulled over! Got out of the van, then he approached Jamie and Jenny, he Grabbed both Jamie and Jenny, then he puts them in the van and drove off. Jenny’s Neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright saw the girls got kidnapped, and they called the police straightaway, it was getting to night time Mary and Jeff Realized it was getting a bit late for Jamie to come home, so they got in the car and drove to Jenny’s House. Mary rang the doorbell Jenny’s Mum Caroline answered the door, Hello Mary! Hello Jeff! Sorry to bother you Caroline, it was getting late, and is Jamie here she was supposed to come home, Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright said are you looking for two teenage girls Mary responded one of them is my Daughter, Mr. Cartwright responded some maniac kidnapped those two teenage girls, Mary, Jeff and Caroline said are you sure! My wife saw it as well, Mrs. Cartwright responded its true. Mary, Jeff and Caroline panicked and couldn’t believe it Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright told them, that they called the police, Mary knew the idea that her brother Skully is involved, Mary, Jeff, and Caroline needed to come up with a plan to save their daughter’s.







While! Skully, Held Jamie and Jenny as a Hostage, Detective Smith Kicked the front door open, Jamie then Kicked Skully in the nuts and punched him, then her and Jenny were escaping from the basement, Detective Smith said are you guys ok, when Skully was coming up the stairs from the basement, Detective Smith told Jamie and Jenny to go outside, Skully approaches Detective Smith, then he points the gun at Skully’s head and shoots him, as he slowly falls to the ground. Mary, Jeff and Caroline arrived at a good time, they were so happy that their kids were safe, Detective Smith explained that he shot Skully, Skully got up from the ground and was heading outside, Mary, Jeff, Caroline, Jamie, and Jenny Screamed, Watch out! Behind you! Skully then Stabs the knife through his back, as the blood poured out of his mouth, they all screamed and ran to the car, Jeff was speeding, to escape from Skully’s House. Jeff went to drop off Caroline and Jenny back home, Caroline thanked Mary and Jeff, they said it’s alright Jenny is Jamie’s Best friend, I think we’re all happy we got there at a good time, Yeah true! We should head off have a goodnight, you too! Jamie and Jenny Hugged, then Mary, Jeff, and Jamie went back in the car and headed home. Since Detective Smith died, the Police chief, Harley Goldman! Put Detective Smith’s Partner Detective Leroy on Skully’s Case, Thanks Chief! I won’t let you down! you got that right! now get out of here! Thanks, Sir! as he Chuckled when he left the office. April and Jasper went to the Supermarket and bought Fire matches, they were planning to burn Skully’s House down, to get revenge, because! he killed Oliver and Cindy, when they arrived at Skully’s House they did their mission, while the house was on fire the police showed up, then they arrested April and Jasper. Meanwhile! April and Jasper were waiting in the car, the Country Fire Authority (CFA) showed up, and used the water hoses to get rid of the fire, the house was not in good shape, then the police got in the car with, April and Jasper, they we’re on their way to the Police station for an Interview. In the interview Detective Leroy explained that April and Jasper were charged for being an arsonist and they got sentenced to jail for seven months, Detective Leroy drove April and Jasper to Lakesville Prison, as soon as they got there the Guards got them sorted, and bought them to their cells. The prisoners were having lunch in the cafeteria Jasper met this guy named Miles he was strong and very tough, when he met Jasper he rubbed his leg and said to him I’m your bitch! Get the fuck away from me! Jasper Replied then he grabbed his food tray and wacked him in the face, the guards grabbed Jasper, and put him in isolation.






April was alone, While Jasper was in Isolation, April was walking out to the Prison yard, she met a strong woman, that was on steroids, her name is Rhonda! She was walking past April and she knocked into her, April said in a disrespectful voice Watch where your walking! She looked at April angry, and wanted to start a fight, April gave her hardest punch, as blood spurted from her mouth, then fell to the ground. the Guards also caught April! now she ended up in isolation, now! Both April and Jasper are in Isolation, The only things are in the room was a bed and a window, April and Jasper both looked out the window, at the sky! and the birds that flew free, unlike them who are without their freedom, and Skully is still out there causing chaos, and no one really there to stop him.

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