My f..king brother is being weird lately

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - My brother is acting like a jerk but nice

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Submitted: June 07, 2017



“Why is he fighting Rayan?” I said in frustration.

[Oh Oh! This doesn’t look like a fair fight. Nour Jirrar is being held by two other students. And Rayan is taking the chance to punch him in his face, whoa, that was a real hard one.] I felt a stinging sensation in my chest that moment.

[Oh my god! He just hit him in his stomach. Whoa, this guy doesn’t have any mercy. Nour falls to the ground… Now, Rayan is holding Nour by the collar and he’s telling him something. Maybe this is all! But what the hell led to this? ]

[I was leaning on the balcony earlier and I saw Nour talking to a girl. After that the fight started. That’s the girl over there.] The podcaster turned the camera towards a girl standing next to a pillar under the hallway balcony and zoomed in. she has blond hair and green eyes. Her girly dress looked all messed up (Looks like I made it clear on her face.) along with her long hair. Her face was red as paint.

“The bitch!” I said angrily. “She’s the cause of it! But how?”

[That Girl! Isn’t she Rayan’s girlfriend?]

“I’m his girlfriend, you fuck.” I said out loud while I shouldn’t.

[Hah! What are you talking about? That guy doesn’t have a girlfriend… He has girlfriends. Heeheheh.] I could feel the stinging feeling again, but this time it was really hard.

[A player then, huh!]

[Yeah, you could say that. Hey, look the fight is interrupted by teachers.]

[Seems like it. But they left Nour there! Oh well, he’s gonna get caught.] The podcaster said and zoomed in on my brother. [Hey guys, if you find more info about this incident, please comment under this video. See ya.] The video ended and I ended with shock, confusion and doubt.

Seriously, there was too much in that video than my head could absorb. First; My fucking brother was talking to the girl I fought this afternoon. Second; He fought against my boyfriend. Third; My boyfriend who could be a player. Fuck, I refuse to accept that last information.

If anything, my fucking, asshole brother is at fault here.

“What the fuck is wrong with him?” I said and clenched my fists on top of my desk. “Why would he fight against him?” I added and clenched my teeth, then I looked down to my knees.

Tap tap tap. I heard footsteps coming from the hall in front of my room. Suddenly they stopped in front of my room’s door.

After a moment, three knocks were issued on the door. But they were barley hearable.

I looked at the door, and after a bit of time, I snapped out of my shock and got up to open the door.

As I opened the door, my brother stepped back as if he saw a huge explosion.

“What the hell do you want?” It was surprising to see him all cleaned up. Only his right eye was still swollen.

“Uh… I … I just wanted to see how you’re doing?”

Asking me how I’m am, is really weird, especially when it’s my brother who’s asking me that. That actually shocked me for three seconds.

“What? What the fuck is wrong with you?” I snapped at him. And he held his hands in defense.

“Shh… shh, don’t let mom hear us, or we’ll both be in trouble.” He said almost in a whisper.

“What the…..?” I asked in disgust. “Anyway, wanna know how I’m doing?” I added and pulled him from his arm inside my room and to the desk.

“Ish…” He ached for some reason.

“This is the fuck how I’m doing.” I clicked the play tag again to start the video on my laptop.

After he watched the entire video. He seemed taking aback by what he have seen and heard.

“Wow. People really know a lot about the guy. But, I don’t fucking care, because what I found, hurt me. “

“What the fuck did you find that made you fight my boyfriend?” I asked angrily.

He had no response but to glare at me.

Then, “Nora, you’re so fucking naïve.”

What is this shit? My brother is calling my name like we’re strangers. But what the fuck did he mean by naïve.

 “Anyway, I came to you to see how you’re doing. But looks like you’re doing much better than I thought. Good night. Please tell mom that I’m just going to sleep.” He said and walked towards the door.

“What the fuck are you talking about? Why are you making it sound like a drama show? And why didn’t answer my first question?” I asked then, “What was that shit?” I added as I pointed my finger to my laptop.

Suddenly my cell phone rang.

My brother looked at my cell phone on the desk then back to me. And I did as well.

“If you need anything, call me.” He said.

“Fuck… you… Asshole.” I said slowly to the point that anyone in the room could read my lips.

“Humph.” He went out of my room.

“Shit.” I said stumping my foot on the floor, then walked toward my desk and grabbed my phone and checked the screen, it showed Aya Silver calling.

I answered the call.

“Hello, Aya.”

“Oh! Hello Nora! Uh… What did you think of the video?”

I couldn’t really answer. But I needed to talk with someone. I could just call my boyfriend, but I don’t think that this is a good situation for that. “It was horrible.” I said and went to my bed and sat down. “Where did you get it anyway?” I asked and lay down on my back.

“Well, a friend of mine sent me the link, and I sent you the video.”

The link! Why did she bother herself by downloading the video from that link then send it to me? Oh! The comments. After all, the podcaster requested more info on this incident.

“Huh! Why is that?” I asked and sat back up on my bed.

“Uh-huh… what?” She asked with curiously with a stutter.

“Aya! What are you trying to hide?” I asked suspiciously and went to my laptop. “I want you to send me the link right now.” I ordered.

“No!” She answered with a shaking voice.


“I can’t do that Nora.”

“Aya, spare me this ordeal please.” I was getting annoyed with this.

She sighed. “Ok, but promise me not to get angry or mad or sad or anything that goes around that line.”

Oh my god! I think this is more important than the video itself.

“Ok.” I said with annoyance. Just to please her.

“Here it comes.” She said and sighed.

A message appeared under the video in my laptop |Here is the link, please don’t get angry….| flowed by a Facebook link. I clicked it and I was redirected to another page on Facebook.

The same video, but with more than 36 comments under it. I put down my cell phone on the desk, then I focus back on my laptop screen.

I scroll down then I click |see more comments| which I waited 2 seconds to load. After the comments loaded I could read them.

|Ricardo Lightning:  That guy looks cool.

|Ronaldinho Norman: Which one r u talking bout?

| Ricardo Lightning: The white haired one!

| Ronaldinho Norman: Couldn’t u si that he was being beating up.|

| Ricardo Lightning: Yeah, that’s why he’s cool. You see! Loners are the best.????|

“What the fuck is this guy talking about?” I asked in disgust.

|Rich Boy: The podcaster looks like a pro. Don’t you think, Lora?|

|Lora Benjamin: Why did have to tag me here, idiot? ????|

|Ronaldinho Norman: What do you think he was telling him, guys?|

|Wildhoppes: I think he was telling him; Everyone comes to school thinking that they will achieve success. Well YOU CAN’T. You can only achieve what you are already. Popular boy, Loser boy. LOL????|

| Ruby Rose: Zootopia fan detected.
| Ronaldinho Norman: RWBY fan detected.

| Islam Jamal: Please guys, this is not a fan base.

|Liny Crew: I bet that blondy girl had something to do with this fight.|

| Meriam Star: In fact, she does.|

| Viky Chiki: Can you tell us what you know?|

| Meriam Star: Yes, I can. Well, what I know is that blond girl had a fight with that boy’s sister. I think he was trying to defend his sister’s honor or something. LOL.|

| Viky Chiki: Oh! So that’s why Nora Jirrar had a little scratch on her face during class today in the afternoon.|

| Aya Silver: I think that’s not funny, Meriam.|

|Meriam Star: Oh! Sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it. I just thought that his sister took care of that girl’s face all by herself despite fighting with four other girls.|

|Liny Crew: Viky, Wait! Nora Jirrar! Isn’t she one of Rayan’s girlfriends? Oh my god!|

| Aya Silver: Did you figure something out?|

|Liny Crew: I think I did. But Before I say anything, I would like to say that if I was this boy’s sister, I would have cherished him for the rest of my life, and I’m a boy.|

What the fuck?

|Ronaldinho Norman: That’s extreme. But why?

|Aya Silver: …

| Meriam Star: What are you talking about?|

|Liny Crew: Well, if we gather all the information we’ve got from the video and the comments and from what I know, we could just say that Nour Jirrar was really trying to protect his sister from getting hurt.

| Viky Chiki: Sorry. You lost me there.|

­­| Meriam Star: I second that.|

| Ronaldinho Norman: I second that.|

| Ronaldinho Norman: I mean, I third that. Damn it, Meriam.|

|Liny Crew: Ok, I will explain. Nora Jirrar is dating Rayan Trand who’s also dating that blond girl and dating other girls from other schools. (Don’t ask me how I know.  I have seen it with my own eyes.) So how would you feel when you know that your boyfriend is cheating on you? Meriam Viky.|

| Meriam Star: Oh my God.|

| Viky Chiki: ... Dead maybe!|

| Ronaldinho Norman: Oh fuck! Are girls that sensitive?|

|Liny Crew: yeah, think of it as your honor, Ronaldinho.
Exactly girls. You would want the ground to split in two and swallow you. But Nour Here, was maybe trying to talk some sense to that blond girl telling her to stay away from Nora’s boyfriend and such, then keep it a secret. But he ended up in Rayan’s hands and got beat up. What do you think?

| Meriam Star: Plausible to me.|

| Viky Chiki: I feel jealous already.|

| Ronaldinho Norman: Amazing.|

|Aya Silver: Nora will be mad after seeing this.????|

|Louis Linard: Well deserved.|

What the fuck happened? Who would believe that all of that happened in that short amount of time, he got out of the classroom? But more importantly, what the fuck was everyone talking about in the comments? They were totally convinced that Rayan is a player. I can’t digest that.

I looked to the screen with shock. My hands were down on my knees. I squeezed them hard. My hands would leave a trace on my knees from the pressure I’m putting in them. My tears were about to start streaming on my face. I really couldn’t contain myself.

Suddenly, my hands were touched with new hands. It was weird since I don’t remember being with someone other than myself. They were manly, but also gentle, as if they were soft. They held my hands up so I wouldn’t harm my knees any more. I looked up to get surprised with my brother’s face looking sadly at me.

“I’m sorry you had to see that.” He said.

I looked down from shame, then I hardened my hands in his and tried pulling them away.

“Would you fucking stop it already?” He requested angrily. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself because of this asshole.”

Who the fuck would believe such words coming out from my fucking brother’s mouth? He’s my fucking brother, not my brother. There is a huge deferens.

“ Let go of me, you freak.” I yelled as I stood up and pulled my hands hardly.

“Ish…” he ached as he held his right arm and stared at me.

“What? Why the fucking gentle brother all of a sudden?”

“Yeah. Right. This is my fault to begin with.” He said with a low tone as he looked down and walked out of the room.

I sighed and sat on my bed from the distress and started crying again and sniffling with tears like waterfall.

“Wipe your face, you fucking shit.” A voice said with a tissue box that hit my face. I look toward the door to see my brother standing in the door way. “We can talk tomorrow if you want.”

Is this really my brother? Or was there some mistake with my life? Come on, something got to make sense. I don’t know anymore. My brother is really acting weird lately. Being gentle is not one of his aspects. So why is he acting so gentle now?

He turned to walk away.

“This is weird.” I voiced out.

He stopped silently for a moment. “You need to get used to it, Nora.” He said and walked out.

Holding a tissue in hand, I wasn’t able to grasp the meaning of his last words. But to say the truth, I had a weird feeling in my chest and after a little moment I felt disgusted.

“Yagh...” but then again, a smile creep on my face. “Sigh.” This’ll still be weird.

“Nora, Nour. Dinner is ready.”  I heard mom calling out from down stairs.

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