My f..king brother is being weird lately

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - My brother's confession

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



Doubt, is one of the tools that makes humans feel alive and as of this moment, I’m doubting my boyfriend of being a player. Even though everyone seems to believe that he is a player, I’m not ready to believe it yet. After all, all I’ve seen were just comments on a social website and my fucked up brother who seemed to support their idea.

I walked through an alley as I tried shaking any bad thoughts about my boyfriend from my head.

Thinking back on what happened after school yesterday, nothing made sense. My fucking brother started acting weird towards me and then he told me to get used to it.

“What did he mean by that?” I said quietly with a slight tilt of my head and my finger on my chin.

Walking further, I would reach the top shape of a T. To go to school, I would need to turn left. But as I was near the middle, I noticed my boyfriend walking toward the school. He was walking along with some of he’s friends.

 “Huh!” I thought about calling him, but what happened yesterday prevented me from it. I raised my right hand for a wave.

“Why are you dating that much girls, man? Leave some for us!” A boy among the four including Rayan said, flailing one hand and strangling him with his other arm.

I’d be lying if I said that my tongue wasn’t blocked and my feet weren’t glued to the ground. In fact I couldn’t move at all.

“Yeah, you would do us a favor if you just gave up on some of them!” Another boy said sarcastically.

“Come on guys, even if I do that, you wouldn’t be able to seduce any of them.” I wouldn’t have believed what I just heard if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Rayan, my boyfriend said that coldly as he got rid of his friend’s arm. “Dating girls, is an art and I’m an artist at it, the best you may say.” He added puffing his chest proudly.

He suddenly looked toward my direction with shock.

Oh no! What now? He’s looking at me with wide eyes like if he’s looking at a ghost.

I couldn’t really face him. He tricked me. I shouldn’t have been here to hear what he said. I should have waited for my brother and talked with him as he suggested.

I was tricked, I was tricked, I was tricked.

The pressure got to my head so I turned back trying to avoid Rayen’s look. But again I got surprised with my white haired brother coming toward me like an angry lion. I looked down, but he avoided me and passed next to me without even addressing me. He looked like he had a target in vision.


I heard a hard stump behind, so I turned fast to see its source. It was my brother stumping on my boyfriend’s right foot and he was about to punch his face with a hardened fist.

My brother punched Rayan as hard as he could with his foot still on his.

“How the fuck did you dare mess with my sister?” He said angrily and punched him hard again.

“Uh-huh!” I snapped out of my daze and rushed over to him and held his hand with my arms. “Nour stop it.” I said while Rayan struggled to get loos from Nour’s grip on his collar.

“Get the fuck out the way, you bitch.” He yelled at me and thrown me on the ground like if I was nothing.

Nour looked back to my boyfriend. “You shit.” He said as he punched him again and again. “You asshole, you son of a bitch.” He insulted Rayan with now end, then he raised he head and look to the front. “What are you looking at, you fucks? I would have fucked you all last time if we weren’t at school.” He said gravely as he looked over at my boyfriend’s friends, who were ready to defend their friend, but they stopped moving as soon as he looked at them. I guess he seemed terrifying, which made me feel shivers running up my spine. “Take this fucking garbage with you, or else.” He looked back at him. “Listen, you fuck. The next time you mess with my sister, I will consider it personal and kill you, got it?” He asked.

Did my brother just said that? He would consider anything that happens to me personal! I don’t I know how should I feel about that.

“OK.” Rayan struggled to say.

My brother throw away the so called garbage on the ground.

His friends struggled as they lifted him up and walked him back to where they came from.

“How can you do that?” I asked him with tears in my eyes. “Why?”

“Get the fuck up.” He yelled angrily at me and it made me look furiously at him as I got up. “What do you want now? You want to hit me too?”

He sighed. “Follow me.” He ordered and walked towards the school’s direction.

Right now, I don’t know my brother at all and he’s really angry, furious even. So as of now, I don’t even know how to act or how to react, even though I’m the same standers as him, I guess. Anyway, I want some explanations.

I hesitated for a moment then I followed him silently.

Part 7.

I wouldn’t want more from my fucking brother than an explanation now. Why did he fight my boyfriend at school? Why did he fight him earlier? And what is it with all of that ‘my sister stuff’? Answers is what I want. That’s why I agreed to follow my lately-weird brother to the park near the school.

We were sitting on a bench near two swings.

I’m still surprised that he dragged me here to talk.

I was looking down with my hands tangled between my knees. On my left, my brother was sitting relaxed with his right arm thrown behind him downwards on the bench.

I could say that I’m quit angry at what he did to my boyfriend who did nothing but… ‘Dating girls is an art and I’m an artist at it, the best you my say’ reminisced words that my ex-boyfriend said, hit me like a tsunami wave. So in the end I shouldn’t be angry at my brother, I should be angry at myself for letting an asshole like Rayan trick me so easily. Yes I was tricked, I was hurt and it’s all my fault.

Blaming myself led my tears out of my eyes dropping like rain on my knees as I clenched I my fists hard.

“Sorry.” My companying to my left said handing me a tissue bag. I grabbed it and throw it to his face in frustration. “

“I don’t want your sympathy. I want answers.” I yelled at him. “Why did you do that? Why did you fought him? Why are you being nice to me? Why are you apologizing every time you see me in this situation?” I asked as I hit my chest with my right hand, tears still falling down my cheeks.

“Sigh. Alright. But first, please clean your face.” He said and handed me the tissue bag again. I took it this time, I pulled out a tissue paper and used it on my face to clean my tears. Even though I complied with it, I still feel weird being treated this way from my brother.

I leaned back on the bench waiting for his answers. He leaned forward with his fingers tangled with each other.

“I know you wouldn’t believe anything of what I will say, but all of it is the truth. He said with a calm voice. He looked at me with a sad look. “I… I promised to protect your emotions, your feelings and your mentality since long ago.” He said and looked back down again. “But this is the first time I have ever been late. That’s why I’m apologizing to you.” He looked back at me again. “I’m really sorry.” He added.

I looked at him in shock, then I looked away to the distance.

What did he say? Promise! What promise? Who did he promise? If he promised me, I don’t remember. He must be making this up to avoid my questions. Yeah, that’s it. There is no way that it is true. I mean, what about all the times he hit me and hurt me? Did he forgot? How can he be protecting me when he’s hurting me at the same time? He must think that I’m an idiot.

I looked at him with a furious look on my face. “Do you think I’m an idiot?  You think I would believe this? Well I don’t.”

He didn’t answer, but he sighed instead and leaned back on the bench and looked down again.

“Silence! Is that how you defend yourself? Give me some answers and stop hiding behind garbage sentences that doesn’t even make sense.

“When we were little, four or five. We were inseparable. He resumed as if he was cut off. We played the same things, wore the same things and we agreed at everything. I thought that we were real twins despite our different appearances. I was really happy about it. But friends came in. And as my thoughts were as childish, I felt jealous. They were going to separate us. I did anything I could to push them away.”

I was completely astonished. What he was saying did have some sense, since I didn’t have that many close friends.

“But after a little while, I started regretting what I did because I couldn’t bare seeing you in pain. So, I decided to leave you be and distanced myself from you.” He said while he looked to the distance in front of him. “But I promised myself that I will protect you no matter what.” He added while he faced me and looked deeply into my eyes with his desperate look.

How can this be true? We fought all the time, argue all the time and glare at each other all the time. “Huh! You think I will be…”

“It’s take or leave. No one forces you to believe it.” He said and looked down. “But it’s just going to make me sad.”

“Huh! What the fuck are you trying to say? Can’t you at least come clean with it already?” I said but as fast as those words left my mouth, I felt some regret from turning him down after that long explanation.

A ring tone broke our conversation. It was my phone. I pulled it out of pocket and checked the screen. |Message from: Aya Silver.| I opened the message. |Where are you? You’re late.| I read the message and got my thoughts back to where we left it.

“Ok, let’s say that what you just said is true. What about all the times you hit me? Huh! I bet you don’t have an answer.” I added mockingly and stood up. “I’m going as there is no use talking to you. And stop interfering with my life.” I turned away and stepped forward. “Nonsense.” I added in irritation.

“It was like a vaccine.” He voiced out, which made me stop on my tracks.

“Huh!” I looked back at him with the corner of my right eye. He was determinedly standing up. I turned a complete turn to face him as I saw him standing like that.

“Men, can be cruel. I was treating you that way so you wouldn’t fall to their tricks and get hurt like what happened with Rayan. I was trying to make you strong, but I was wrong. The more I treated you that way, the more you got weaker around strangers. I’m sorry.” He said and looked down clenching his fists.

A vaccine! He’s right. A vaccine prepares the human body with acquired immunity against disease. But when applied on the skin, it would obviously hurt. It would not only hurt, but it could also make the person suffer a fever for a while. And the way he hit me was completely different from the way did to Rayan. If he wanted, he could have left a scratch on me every time he hit me, but he never did. That’s what he meant by vaccine.

Realizing that, I couldn’t even respond to him.

My brother was trying to take care of me, to protect me from myself and he was right. But he also was wrong. How could he distance himself from me? How could he push my friends away from me? How could he treat me like that? Why didn’t he just stayed by my side and waited? Anyway, I don’t care about all of this now.

I walked toward him and approached him. With moisture tears in my eyes, I held my right hand up and slapped him. “You were late this time.” I said then he held his left cheek slowly. He also was about to cry or something. “But I forgive you about it all.”

He was silent for a moment. “Really! You would forgive this insolent brother?” I nodded and he sniffled.

What the fuck? He’s crying! I never see my fucking brother crying. And this is weird.

“Hey asshole! You’re disgusting me. Stop it.” I said disgustingly and wiped my eyes from the moisture.

“Eh! I’m sorry. I just missed you.” He said and wiped his tears as well.  A smile creped on his face. “I missed you so much, Nora”. He added. “I could stop distancing myself from you. I could stop being cruel to you.” It looked like he couldn’t stop crying because he was smiling as well. He tried wiping the tears off his face but they seemed like they didn’t want to stop.

His face was dazzling, he was crying and smiling in the same time. These are new emotions I have seen my brother express just now. It’s like I don’t know anything about him at all. Like if I met him for the first time.  

A new feeling invaded my chest. It was so warm and gentle. The same feeling got to my face. I could feel my cheeks getting hot. I had a feeling that he will notice my cheeks getting red, so I looked away.

“Ok I get it, just stop crying.” I said in annoyance.

Um.. Ok.” He said with a wide smile.

Oh God! I don’t believe it. My fucking brother is being weird lately.

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