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Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



On May19th, 1962, in a descending elevator, in a residential building, close to the East River, in Manhattan, an amazingly beautiful woman, shoulders barely peeking through a white fur stole, entered, murmuring “ I’m so late, I’m so late, what will they say!”
I was leaving a friend's apartment, when that rare moment occurred.

That night, on television, Peter Lawford introduced “the late Marilyn Monroe”, who earlier that afternoon was one of the featured guests being taped at President John F Kennedy's 45th birthday , which was held at Madison Square Garden, ten days before his actual birthday.

I remembered the spray of freckles on her white shoulders.

Three months later, Marilyn Monroe was found dead.

Six months later, President John F Kennedy was assisinated.

My friend Ruth would tell a wonderful story about Marilyn Monroe.
It was told to her by one of her neighbors in their apartment building.

One evening, the neighbor arrived home from The Hamptons, with her husband and three month old daughter. Her husband drove up to the main entrance of the apartment building; she got out of the car with the infant, and waited for her him to park in the garage.
Marilyn came out of the building, wearing a light weight coat and a kerchief  tied under her chin. She was wearing dark sun glasses, even though it was late evening.
The woman recognized her immediately.
Marilyn looked at the baby for a few moments, and then asked if she could come to the woman’s apartment and sit with the baby for a little while.
The woman said “yes”.
When her husband arrived in the apartment, and asked why she didn’t wait for him , she pointed towards the nursery door with a “Ssshh”. There was Marilyn, sitting beside the crib, with the baby in her arms.

The couple went into their bedroom, and about fifteen minutes later, they heard Marilyn quietly let herself out the front door.

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