Remember Me

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A poem written in 2010 through the eyes of my long lost friend and teddy: Woof Woof

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



Hello Matthew, remember me

Your dearest friend

Where have you gone

Seems like this friendship came to an end


I miss the days we were together

We played and laughed and lived forever

We shared our tears

Our pain and all


We kept each other safe

You from the humans who tried to tear me apart

And I from the monsters that tried to take you away

The bond we shared never broke


So remember me

My dearest friend

I miss seeing you

At no matter which end


Whether it be when your smile so large

Or cries for hours

I was and always want to be by your side

So I can comfort you so you wouldn't die


Remember when we went to the pond

Where the trees were short

And the shadows long

Fished the whole lake in a single day


Or the time we spent in the living room

Where your brother was the dragon 

And cousins the guards

We slayed them all and put the others behind bars


Remember when you lost me

And cried for over a day

When finally you returned and found me

That smile never swayed


But where are you now?

I miss my dearest friend

You found yourself another

And tossed me away


It's been some time since we spoke now

Nearly 3 years have passed

But I still remember 

All the times we had a blast


If you ever need me

I'm always where you put me

In the deepest, darkest box

In the closet that used to taunt me


So don't be shy

I won't bite your friends

Come back and cuddle with me

For I shall be loyal until the very end


Please Matthew

Remember me


-Woof Woof

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