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Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



you know you’ve let me down
I don’t even care to use fancy language to describe it
you know I’m not gona expect you to be around long
you’re gona fall off the earth sooner or later again and again
like always and warmly and beautifully and sourly
I’m so sour I romance it now

you’ll be silent soon
this is only temporary
your calls
your texts
your voice

You say tonight
I wish we could talk like how we used to
You sure don’t know the stupidity that comes out of your mouth

I say, you’ve been gone for a long time
and you say, yeah I have been,
but you know, I always care don’t forget that

the things I don’t hear swallow submerge transform empty into

If I ran away away
to January 6
or January 32nd
I can stay angry forever

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