Bruises of Love

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Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



your bruises of love
are making me waste away
I’m sick of the coldness
of the bitterness

I’m sick of you.

u wanted me
u have me
u stopped trying after that
I was no longer a prize
any more

i miss the springtime
cause that’s when I felt something pure
we’d walk around with trees blooming above our heads and cracked sidewalks mending themselves beneath our feet

we’d be secret and sneaky
and plan surprises for each other

I hugged you that day in your shades
and I loved that person I hugged so much

I can’t stop fading
can’t stop melting
can’t stop crying

Wasn’t I precious?
And weren’t you?

Why don’t you care any more
Why don’t you reach for me any more

It’s hard to put up with
and I’m hard to break
You’re hard to talk to
and hard to love

I want to touch your soul
not your body
I want us to be:
spider webs,
bed sheets,
book shelves,
orange juice and vodka

The other day I read how one cannot decide when they are sad.

I’ve been deciding to be sad:
not here
not there
not underneath
not in between
not loudly
not obscurely
not passionately
not vocally

but to never be so

My chest is the only place that holds the yards of my sadness
the elevators of my sadness
the fountains of my sadness


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