When the Fire Burns

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Life is Life
Staying up real late sure rakes a toll on your mindset

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



What happens when, you've run out of words? Ways to define, the five letter apology, you've said countless times? Sorry, sorry, it's just an empty box. Holding the forgotten past, and broken promises. Bottles of Jack Daniels litter the floor outside my door. The noise outside my room become louder and more violent. I cringe with every chair that crashes into the opposite wall. Don't be noticed., don't make a sound. I hold my breath, timing the latest tantrum. The crashing stops, and all becomes eerily silent. Only my ragged breathing can be heard from miles away. Footsteps sound, breaking the silence, vibrating in my chest, much slower than my heart beat. It knows I am here. Footsteps recede, passing the place where I sit, and fade down the hall. It's a waiting game now. 
I've done something wrong, I can tell by the sound of the tub, filling with water. An icy cold punishment. Moments later, the monster comes for me. Yelling, screaming, it's something much worse than usual. I feel no fear, I've done this before. 
The monster cries, crazy with what it's become. 
The rage in its eyes, I can only feel. The ice cold of the water I'm beneath keeps me from burning alive. I count the seconds, till I'm sure they've become forever. I'm supposed to come up now, it never lasts this long. Panic begins to set in, and I began to struggle. moments into eternity I start to struggle less and less. Weaker I become, the harder the monster holds me down. I fight until my attempts are too pathetic to cause the monster to retaliate. He's only waiting, for me to give up. kicking and splashing, I'm becoming more feeble by the second.
The rushing in my head becomes roaring in my ears and I no longer linger in the edge. I feel myself relax, and I slowly slip away. Darkness takes over, my eyes can see nothing. All I can hear, above the thunder in my head is a desperate wail, 
"LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" "Look what you made me do..." 
And then, ever so softly, "Sorry,...sorry..."


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