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I have been gone for a while,
I have been tired, very tired.
Many people have felt like me before,
The ever growing darkness slowly sapping your strength.
Don't let it consume you.

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017





I'm tired like a stone

Worked myself down to bone


Lost my sleep and sanity

Slowly forgetting my humanity


I don't know why...

But I dream of the sky


Away from my bleak life...

All it would take is a single knife


And I wouldn't be tired anymore

And all my blood would be on the floor.


With heavy eyelids do I walk

With a heavy heart do I talk


My thoughts don't want to rest

As they are on an endless quest.


One of self hatred and depression

One of sadness and aggression


But this vicious cycle keeps me trapped

Oh how I wish my chains could be snapped


But they can't, my torment would only transfer

To those that say they care.


I hope that all my worries go away

Not just my worries, but also the day


I am tired, only wanting peace from my thoughts

My head feels light, floating like astronauts


But sadly it will only get worse

My life will ever be darkened by my curse


My curse of being tired of living and life,

and I know, all I need to end it is a single knife


So I say just let it end in darkness

After all, just like this world, I am heartless.

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