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At Domremy

This first chapter is about myself, Jean Gretier, living in Domremy at the same time with Jeannette, who later became Jehanne la Pucelle(the little Maid, saviour of France). But when I was 12, my
parents moved to Tours.
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Jehanne has found herself in Tours where she met up again with her childhood friend, Jean Gretier. His parents owns a guest house and Jehanne is staying there with her group. She tells Jean Gretier
all that took place since he left Domremy.
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Blois and Orleans

It was time now to leave Tours and move on to Blois and then on to Orléans. First, Jehanne had to be kitted out with armour in Tours before she moved to Blois to meet the soldiers who would be
fighting with her to rescue Orléans.
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Preparing for Orleans

Jehanne is at Blois. She told the troops that she was sent to rid Orléans of the English and to crown the Dauphin at Riems. Preparations are being made to leave Blois and enter Orléans.
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The battle for Les Tourelles

Jehanne is set to attack the English main tower, Les Tourelles. Her captains, at that moment, do not agree with her. Jehanne is confident that she'll win and warned her confessor to stay near to
her always. What she's taking on is really a hard thing to do.
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Battle for Jargeau, Meung, Beaugency and Patay.

When Jehanne had been examined by the Theologians at Poitiers, they asked her for a sign. She said to them, ''Take me to Orléans, and you will see the sign.'' I was proud of her. She did what she
said she would do. But there was still more battles to be fought.
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A bit of Scottish history

After the strenuous battle at Patay, We headed back to Orléans. There, while waiting for Dauphin to call us, I told Jehanne and some of the captains how Scotland had struggled for its freedom.
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The Coronation of the Dauphin

Now Jehanne is busy preparing for her Loire campaign, to clear the enemy out of the path to Riems. After the coronation, the captains urged her to take Paris.
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The capture of Jehanne

Simple mistakes can cause the loss of many lives. From what I have seen Jehanne was a great soldier and comrade. Everyone liked her. There was a bit of stubbornness in her. Rarely, did she fail to
deliver. The way she was taken was through intrigue.
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