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from the ocean of test

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017





insp. changeling - dj shadow


she wanted a lyrical

formula to my mind

so wrote something cute

so kind, to hide mastermind


watch she started to kid

smiling, goofing all and rid

gone today- cursing spanish

phrases and for days crushing bones


now i feel great, knees are zone

well she said, "someone talks about thee"

so i replied, great, what about three?

everyone wants a taste of great


then debase for waste, cosmic taste

thrice have the circle turned and adjourned

for a session she wanted refreshment

of pink lips, soft dips and curled hips


turn intoxicant into inspirant, like spray

she smiled today- the kind where eyes meet

and mind sleeps- or where the lovers are weak

for the heart is deep and no one escapes this creep


where did she go

where did you know

green ocean and blue flow

a decade's worth of even stew


now nearing a thousand endless phrases

but no one has heard but a murmur of cascades

this is the mind, hiding behind the ego kind

but no escapade could wade beyond the hind of the wind


she opened her compassion, to accept a new fashion

dreaming of a steady thrill of endless trill

for the mate oft sing of thee still (insert favorite tune)

forsoon she will ask of a dance or drink to fill



© Copyright 2017 James Peña. All rights reserved.

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