A Bus Ride

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How we first met?

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



OH GOD!! Many people asked me this question, "What would you consider you luckiest thing that has happened in your life?" Well!! Whenever someone asked me this question; I always ramble like an idiot each time, but I ended up saying "NOTHING". But let me tell you this, each day that passed through my life is considered my luckiest day. My luckiest day is one I consider every day. When I see my love in front of me after school without knowing who he is. I just know that I am lucky.

I don’t believe love in first sight but I don’t know how I ended up loving him or liking him, or whatever people call it. Whenever I see him on the bus even if it's for a day in a week, month or even in a year; it's always my lucky day.

I will always remember how we met for the first time and what happened in that day. On the bus, when he stood beside me; I felt like our hearts were in touch with each other, like they were telling everything to each other like how we felt about each other when we first met. It's like our hearts spoke with one another. Whenever I stood beside him I felt like I was taken from the whole world and I cannot think of anything except him also I feel very safe when I am around him; I feel like if something happened to me he will protect me from any danger.

Another time he looks at me; his eyes are speaking to me telling me, "I want to talk to you but I don’t know where to start". I could understand everything his eyes said because actions speak louder than words. His eyes want to shout out, "I LOVE YOU". When I told my friend about what I thought and how I felt; the first thing she did was laughing at me. I don’t think it was funny maybe a bit, but I don’t care what my friend thought about me. I want to get to know him better and wonder does he feel the same way about me or not. I think I have fall in love with his flaws. His flaws make him perfect. Well!! I could say that I have not seen a fellow like this before; he is different from any young men I met. I just can feel it in my bones.

I found out that he live near my house and whenever his eyes and my eyes hit each other; I always go blank and I cannot think of anything at that moment. I felt like he has taken me from this world. Sometimes I don’t know what is happening to me. THANK GOD! He is not in my school; if he was in my school; I would never focus on my studies.

I still remember the day we first met each other on the bus; it was last year on December 21st, 2014. For the first time we met; he stared at me when he was getting off from the bus. I was wondering and thinking at the same time why would he look at me? Our mysteries just began from this moment when he got off from the bus. Another day on the bus, when he stood beside I wasn’t sure of what is happening to me so I was standing there then I stepped on his foot and freaked out but then I said, "sorry"; he then smiled at me. His smile just made my day. "Isn't amazing that we still see each other?" I said. Yet we aren’t progressing, but I still have some hope. It’s a miracle! When I don’t see him for a week or so; I cannot control myself thinking about him. He is always on my mind even though I have to focus on my other things too in my life.

When I have a terrible day, for example if I failed a test or had an argument with my friends, our meeting always ends up being the best day of my life because it's like he has washed all my pain for me also I get to see him on the bus and stand beside him. That day when I stand beside him I always end up doing something to him like stepping on his foot or mistakenly the bus pushes me into him. But at the end I am happy that whatever is happening to us is there for a reason to bring us closer to each other maybe not that close but there is some progress I see here.  

This day it feels like clouds pour down their anger and after rainbow comes for joy. I always promise myself no matter how hard it is for me to get to know him; I will still love him no matter what. I always see what is good and bad in him. I am not saying he is perfect. "No one is PERFECT", I said. But I know there is something different about this fellow. I always keep that in mind if I am patient and no matter how long would it take for us to be together I always believe that god has something better for us. We never know when the right time comes.

"No one could ever come and replace him in my heart", I said. I will always remember everything that happened between us even if it passed twenty years already. He will always be my first mysterious crush. If I can tell him how I feel about him I could have fly into the sky and write it up there to let him know how much I love him also to tell the whole world.

My advice to all the girls, "No matter how hard is it to be with someone whom you love; just believe in yourself and don’t you ever give up on a person whom you love; no matter how hard is it".

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