The Mysterious Old House

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Habiba's 1st short story

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



A long time ago there once was a big echanted spooky house that was built in the sixties.

Inside the house lived an orphan. He lost his parents in a car accident when they were traveling to Egypt to see the pyramids, well atleast that was what everyone thought. This orphan's name is Jake, he was born in England on December 13th. Many people said that Jake has a very big imagination and there were also alot of rumors that Jake was borned on a cursedf day, so when ever his birthday comes he becmes cursed for the rest  of the day. Jake also believed all the rumors about him. On his birthday he always imagines zombies chasing after him in his sleep.

In the morning Jake woke up and checked the date and to his shock it was his birthday. Jake got scared and went back to his room to sleep but when he was about to open his bedroom door, suddenly he heard someone knocking on the door. Jake was worried so he looked out of the window but couldn't figure out who that guy was or where he came from or why he came because the man was wearing robe that was covering up his face.Jake was frightened but he took a deep breath and opened a little part of the edoor and asked the man:"whoare you and why did you come here?". The man answered surprisingly:" I am your father and I came here to take care of you and tell you why you are cursed." Jake was curious and also wanted to know everything about himself and his paret and what happened. He said ok and opened the door.

After Jake and his father settled down to talk, Jake immediately demanded: " Tell me everything about myself!". His father started to answed Jake's questions:"your mother and I left you here with your grandparents because we wated to take a trip to the pyramids in Egypt. When we arrived someone called us and said that your grandparents died, so we were going back to get our horses but we found them gone. We got stuck there but the bad thing is that your mother is sick and might die, so I came here to get you." Jake asked very sadly:" Why am I cursed and whats your name and what's my mother name?" Jake's father answered:" you are cursed because you were always alone and was never happy, my name is Michal and your mother's name is Sara."

After a long conversation Michal took Jack to Egypt so that they can check on Sara. Finally when they reached Jake's mother, Michal and Jake helped Sara everysingle day and one day Sara felt better and they all went back to the dusty old house and they redecorated it and cleaned it. This house became happy and always sunny. Until now all the villagers always visited the house on Jake's birthday.


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