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A young chambermaid woke up in the early morning.

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



A young chambermaid woke up in the early morning. Looking over to see her handsome bedfellow. She feels some shame in what she's done. She walks towards the saloon as in routine. Passing church on the way, she stops for a second as she does every morning. Looking up at the belfry she tries to convince herself to go in. Looking back down she sees the same bit of yarrow she sees regularly. She pushes forward as if in habit. She stops in the foul smelling saloon as she intended to do when first light struck her face. From the outside looking in, the chambermaid is imitable. She takes a seat on the same bench at the same table she always does. After she orders her usual, her day blazes away as if in a flash. Heading home she knew her life would never be as blossomous as the elderberry that grew around town. Deep down this was no surprise. Back in her room she sits down at her whetstone and prepares for the end. A young chambermaid woke up in the early morning. 

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