Unexpected Mission Twist

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My entry for the Spring 2017 Flash Fiction Contest

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



Vabejan the Reckless was enjoying himself.

He was disgusted by that knowledge.

He never dreamed that, when sent on this mission to spy out the people of this backwater, middle-of-nowhere, piss-poor excuse for a planet called Earth, he would find one of them attractive.

And yet, here he was, sitting with an Earth female named Rachel, discussing their mutual hatred of cats and sipping a marvelous drink called coffee. It made his piss black as the sun of his home planet Rasknajz, and tasted extraordinary. It was their third such encounter, implying that this ritual of becoming comfortable with each other was progressing nicely.

Her shirt was a different shade of red than her hair; both represented her inner fire. Vabejan could easily imagine Rachel performing the sacred fire-rites of his people. But that would wait until after the conquering and subjugation.

Rachel was displeased with Vabejan's opinions on how cats should be tossed in a bonfire. It wasn’t his fault his people saw fire as a purifying gateway to the gods.

He just could not reason for this woman. Perhaps it was for the best. By his calculations, the fleet should be arriving in another several hundred Earth years.

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