Muthi: Special Needs Parenting 101.

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Child born with several special needs, orphaned in India, finds a family in the United States of America. This is her story.

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



Muthi Alexandra may not look like us, but she is our daughter just the same.

We adopted Muthi last year from India; but we had been pursuing her for longer than that.  The entire process, from the time we first saw her picture on an adoption website to the trip to India and back, to where we actually got to meet her and hold her, took about two years, tops.  It was a very long, drawn-out, frustrating process, but the news that she was ours, and finally getting to meet her face to face, was worth it in the end.  We have since safely returned home, and Muthi has adjusted beautifully.

Muthi is four years old now, a pretty peanut of a thing, with short, wavy, jet-black hair, big, black eyes, and a smile that can light up an entire room, it's so enigmatic.  She has learned English and is as smart as a whip.  She has just finished pre-K and will be going to "big-kids school" come September, where she will join her older sisters and brother.

Muthi is also disabled; but we don't see her disabilities.  We just see our daughter, and a daughter we happen to love very, very much.  She was born with shortened limbs and on one hand she has just two fingers.  We don't know the cause of her disabilities, but they have really never hampered her play or her activities.  She will try anything and everything, even if it means getting into trouble.  LOL  She can walk, run, hop, skip, and jump.  She can jump on a trampoline or climb like a little monkey.  She can dance and she can do her version of exercises.

We were scared at first when she started school because we thought the kids would tease her, but this has not been the case.  The kids at her school have accepted her and embraced her as one of their own, even though she is much darker (and shorter) than a lot of them.  She has a ton of friends and she has proven to be very popular, much to our delight.  Her brother and sisters delight in playing with her; they love her to pieces (as do we).

We have so enjoyed having Muthi in our lives that we have started the process to adopt our second child! Yes, we have!  We are in the process of adopting a little boy from China, a little boy with albinism, meaning lack of pigmentation in his skin; as a result, James* has snow-white hair, ice-blue eyes, and fair, fair skin, not to mention, vision impairments.  We are excited at the prospect of having a second son; we will soon have five children: three girls and two boys!

We didn't plan to adopt again, but God laid it upon our hearts to do so; we saw kids in need of families when we adopted Muthi, and after looking at some of them on the adoption/waiting child website, we could NOT turn our backs on them or say no.  So here we are, adopting, again.  And we could not be any happier!  God has truly blessed us by bringing Muthi in our lives, and we feel compelled to adopt again!  I just can't believe that we are going to have another child within a year or two; I just hope the process goes a lot faster than that! Hopefully, if it's God's will, Muthi, America, Timber, and Aurora will have a little brother!  Just say some prayers that James* becomes our second son, and pray that the adoption process goes swiftly and smoothly, without any incidents whatsoever!  Any and all prayers are greatly appreciated!

We will update as soon as we hear anything; this isn't the last you've heard from us! Take care and God bless; thanks for listening to and reading our story!

*End of part one!*

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