Locked Away In A Old Person's body

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This is a poem/ song basically expressing the way i feel especially when it comes to my health and at this point i have just completely given up on all sorts of hope and meaning in life and i just seem to question How much longer? How much longer is a 17 year old girl going to be locked away in a old person's body? and will i ever be able to escape?

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



Locked Away In A Old Person's Body


How much longer shall i wait,

Till my body just caves in.

How much longer must I wait,

Till they do something.


I've been in pain most of my life,

And here I am, Writing this,

to say how i feel. 

As If i'm being tortured inside.


Locked away, In a old person's body.

But i, i am young,

I have still my youth to live.

But here, here i am unable to move a bit.

How much longer must i wait?

until i just cave, Until i just give in.

Because the pain is so real,


I sit and cry most nights,

afraid for my life.

I sit awake most nights, 

afraid for my life.


 I am locked away in a old person's body,

screaming to escape, but no one can hear me.

How much more can i take?

I'm beyond cracking point. 

How much more tears must i cry before i get help?


my life is gone, I have nothing left.

no will to keep me going. 

nothing to keep fighting.


I am young,

locked away in a old person's body,

crying to escape,

to get back to normality.


How much more do i put myself through?

How much more times do i have to watch my family,

watch me fade away. 


I am gone, I am empty.

 I have nothing left within. 

I'm so broken, 

I will never heal.


because, I'm locked away,

In a old person's body. 



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