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Sometimes we think that by drinking our pain away, we will forget about that person who broke our hearts. But, is it worth it? Is it worth drinking the night away, just to remember it all come the morning light?

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017




Starting the night with this drink;
Goal is not to think.
Hopefully by the second drink,
These tears away I’ll blink.
By the time I drink my third drink,
With you I’ll stop being in sync.
The party starts with the fourth drink;
My feelings for you will finally shrink.
Bartender pours me my fifth drink;
That random stranger gives me a wink.
I’m the light of the night with my sixth drink;
Feeling like I’m hanging from a brink.
I dare to drink my seventh drink,
And I become the weakest link.
I buy myself another drink;
My breath already starts to stink.
It gets confusing by the ninth drink;
Can’t tell if this drink it’s red or pink.
It’s already my tenth drink;
In my head I feel a chink.
Ran out of money by my eleventh drink;
I might have to visit my shrink.
And it’s finally the twelfth drink,
The one that sends me to my bathroom sink.
And after I throw up my life after a dozen drinks,
You’re the first thing I see when I clearly think.
And as about us I start to rethink,
Might as well pour myself another drink. 

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