Reality is gonna hear us

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Happy Birthday Chloe

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



The hallway was full of posters about Chloe's Birthday party which i never thought of attending and of course those posters were taken off by the teachers a while later , my name is Rob , Rob Charlis and 'am a student in Elk creek High

"i bet you aren't going to chloe's party tonight" Mike my best friend and the one i could call a brother , he always wanted me to be like him - the guy that can make any girl fall for him

 "Mike, you know i feel akward sometimes..when 'am around girls"

"And that's exactly the reason why i want you to come with me to the party tonight ! there will be alot of hot girls man it will be your chance ! i bealive in you know"

"talking to girls...isn't my thing"

"you have to try talking to them cause the kind of personality you have is the kind that girls love"

"what kind of personality do i have exactly ?" our conversation was taking place in the hallway but before answering he saw jana and betty "Heey Girls what's up" Mike took me to them 

"everything's is fine Mike" Jana replied but i noticed tears falling from her eyes even though she was smiling

"No it's not" Betty interrupted Jana

"Shut up it's fine !"

"Don't believe her guys , she broke up with brad yesterday and have been crying all night long" 

"So sad to hear that but..." Mike replied but i found myself interrupting him "Brad is a jerk why would you cry that you broke up with a guy like him , from my point of view you should be happy that you ended your realishionship !"

"weren't you and brad bestfriends last year ?" she asked

"well..umm..were !...we were bestfriend but now we don't talk like we used to before"

"Why ?"

"it's a long story but haven't you heard it ?! didn't he come here in the exact place i am standing and said hey guys i have beaten the hell out of rob !!?"

"Am sorry i didn't mean to make you angry...i should be going" Jana closed her locker and took Betty by the hand and walked away

"the conversation was going pretty well , what happend ?" 

"Look Mike , i just hate that guy named brad he keeps getting all the girls to love him but in the end he is a huge jerk !"

"What's the point ? we all hate brad even Eric the crazy"

the bell rang for the first session but during class i couldn't think about anything but Jana , tell you a secret ? I kinda have always had a crush on her and i felt jealous from brad when they started to date that i got into i fight with him , yes the real reason for my fight with brad wasn't because he kept making fun of me infront of girls that's too stupid ! the real reason was...Jana.i couldn't stop thinking about her and now that she broke up with brad there's a chance that we would end up together 

i was home then and it was the time for the party and Mike was calling me "your ride is ready" 

"by my ride you mean your old motorbike" 

"you know it is, if you don't like it you can go to the party on feet"

"Man ok ok why do you take everything so seriously"

"Just hurry up 'am waiting"

"ok just a minute" i hung up and as i was putting my clothes on and getting ready untill i realised something "Jana is going to be at the party !! it's my chance to finally get to hang out with her !" i told myself as my parents were standing at my room's door and i kinda overheared thier conversation...ofcourse the coversation was about me 

"Adam , i am really worried about rob" I heard mom saying

"Honey is it because he's going to a party tonight ? it's the first party he decides to go to since years aren't you happy ? he's finally getting to know people more and play a role in life it's part of growing up there's literally nothing to worry about" 

"but..there's going to be girls and drugs and alcholic drinks you know teens ! and we have rules Adam we don't want Rob to be like any other kid"

"sometimes we should let him be like any other kid , Megan" i heard my father's footsteps getting closer to my room's door untill he opened it "And here's my man ! getting ready for your your party huh ? i guess i don't need to remind you of our rules" 

"No Dad you don't , i am really in  a hurry sorry" i held my jacket and went downstairs and opened the House door as i heard my mom saying "Take care honey" i went out and slammed the door behind me

"Finally ! Dude i have been waiting for like an hour now What were you doing ? you don't know how to button your shirt or what ?" 

"Damn mike my parents want to turn me into an introvert"

"every parent want to turn thier kid to an introvert those days" mikke started the motorbike and replied 

all the way to the party i was thinking about what to say when i am around Jana

"Just play it cool bro" Mike said suddenly


"Chill ! i was just giving you a tip cause tonight you're a man on your own no more help from mike for you you gotta start depending on yourself and on your brain if you have one"

"I do have a brain but when it comes to Jana my brain stops functioning" i whispered to myself

as we were getting closer to chloe's house we heard loud music"Man i think i am going to have a very hard headache tonight"

"Focus on girls , headache later" mike replied "especially Chloe she's single and you know what ? even though you talked a few times but i feel like she likes you"

"is Eric there ?"

"Yeah..i guess"

we finally stopped the motorbike infront of Chloe's house and as i walked insidei saw Danny and Jenny , Dannyis one of my bestfriends and Jenny is my cute ex and my only ex i consider her my best sister and i feel so comfortable talking to her but the reason we broke up was also...Jana , Danny and Jenny are now in a Relationship together and i am the on who helped Danny start dating her because i wanted her to be with someone better than me

As Chloe saw me she screamed "Rob !! You came ! i am so glad you did"

"umm you are ?"

"ofcourse !"

"well 'am glad i came too"

Chloe is a girl who is a bit shorter than me with dark hair and a very cute face abd wide dark eyes

I was looking to her eyes for the first time and it was the first time i stared at a girl for that long time and words couldn't be formed on my lips even though she wasn't as beautiful as the other girls at her birthday party her eyes did something to my brain , she made me stop thinking about Jana for the first time 

Danny cut the silence saying "Me , jenny , ferry and Maro are going to play truth or dare you guys joining us ?" 

"I have no objection , ask chloe"

"you know i want" Chloe replied with a cute smile that made me forget litteraly everything 

they all went upstairs to chloe's room and i was still standing in my place "What did she say again ?" i was asking myself untill she called my name from upstairs , i hurried up to her room and man it was the best day of my life and i felt like coming to this party was my destiny to get to talk to Chloe 

it was time to blow the candles and i put my hands on her eyes "Make a wish"

"why are you putting your hands on my eyes exactly ?" she asked with a small laugh

"OH yeah ! i really..don't know" i replied as a i took my hands off her eyes and she laughed and i felt like i was falling in love with her slowly, her laugh sound was one of the best sounds i have ever heard , as she blew out the candle she made a wish that i couldn't hear but from the movement of her lips i could tell she said "i wish he would be mine" and for a moment i felt sad but i told myself that a cute girl like her has the rights to wish for a handsome decent guy 

i went outside where it was alittle quiet now and i was surperised to see Chloe leaving her party to get outside and set beside me on the doorstep saying "You bored from the party ? cause i am"

"i thought it was your party"

"yeah it is but doesn't i have the rights to be bored just because it's my party ?"

"No you don't have the rights to be bored at all but congratulations i gave you all the rights to be bored as much as you want"

she laughed but looked me in my eyes again with her innocent face "I can feel that you're hurting from the inside.."

before she continued i interrupted her "No no no don't tell me to drink and get wasted to forget what's hurting me"

"Are you kidding me ? i would have never told anyone that , i hate drinking and people who drink and take drugs as a way to escape reality...afterall you're gonna take a break from reality and problems for a short time then wake up in the same place again so what's the point ?"

"i think we're alike in alot of things , Chloe"

"I am glad you think that , Rob" 

"i think i have already took a break from reality by looking to your eyes..i mean spending time with you"

she laughed and looked so innocent to me , i smiled and felt my heart beating but The moment was interrupted by The voice of Eric shouting inside "ROB , MIKE !!"

i hurried inside

"don't go through Asesinato abandoned neighborhood if you don't want to see something that may hurt you Rob"

"What are you saying Eric ! it's the only way that leads to our neighborhood" Mike replied

"He's crazy man , don't listen to him" I told mike

"They want the best for you !" Eric shouted and stood face to face with me

"Who ?"

"THEY ! The voices in my head !! they tell me what happend to people and what will happen , i talk to them because i don't like to talk to people i hate people i don't want the best for any of YOU BUT THEY ARE THE ONES WHO WANT THE BEST FOR EVERYONE" Eric threw the bottles and glasses on the floor as chloe entered and pushed him as i noticed it was almost midnight "Chloe happy birthday i am really sorry for what Eric did but i gotta get going i am really late my parents are really strict about timings" i told Chloe 

"No problem i just hope we would talk more"

"i promise we're going to talk morebut i really gotta go now" i took mike by the arm "ok bye" Chloe said as Danny went after us "Wait guys i am coming with you , we live in the same neighborhood" 

"ok just go give Jenny a goodbye kiss gentleman we're waiting" i told Danny and as  he went inside again Eric went outside saying "Just listen to them"

"Just shut up and tell them to shut up" Mike replied to Eric


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