Reality is gonna hear us

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Smile for the pictures

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



Three on one motorbike is a large number if you asked me but here we go Me , Danny and mike took off after the party

"where's your car danny ?" i asked

"Being repaired at the mechanic's , i had an accident yesterday"

"You gotta be careful man we don't wanna lose you in one of those accidents" Mike said

i was trying to start a small talk with the guys but i was asking myself the same question all the way back "Why didn't i see Jana at the party" i repeated this question in my head but didn't really know the answer i tried so hard to remember if i even have seen her face at the party but no i haven't , i didn't know the answer untill we reached asesinato abandoned neighborhood as we were passing we saw a car i glimpsed Jana's face inside with Jacob and as we passed by i saw a group of four men holding pistols going towards the car and i shouted "stop !" Mike stopped the motorbike at once "Oh Damn..We gotta do something" Mike said as he stopped and we saw the scene from a distance "Totally agree , you should do something Mike ! me and Danny are gonna stand her watch your back" I replied as my voice was shaking

"Cowards !" He said as he ran as fast as he could to reach the car before the thugs , i guess it has the name asesinato for a means murder in spanish

i took out my phone from my pocket "if i took pictures you think Jana and Jacob Face's will be clear ?" i asked Danny 

"You're trying to destroy her reputation  ?" Danny asked

"Their faces are clear but Damn they're doing it in the car !"

"Man your phone camera is incredible how could you zoom in all that distance"

"Danny could you please shut up !" i took about 20 photos of them , i didn't know why did i took them but i just did , and i felt something in my heart broken towards Jana

Mike reached the car and opened the door "Go Now !!"

"Mike..wh..what are you...doing here ?" Jana sounded wasted

"Just Go ! there are thugs and..." before he could continue a man hit him on the head with the pistol base and mike fell to the ground 

"Call the police or the ambulance fast" Danny whispered to me

"No police could help us we shouldn't even be here this place is restricted ! but i know a near hospital just wait" i whispered

the other men pulled Jacob and Jana out of the car and drove the car away "My car !!" Jacob shouted as he ran after his car 

"Jacob ! Jacob , you aren't going to leave me here alone you coward" Jana kept screaming but she was too wasted to move "Mike..Mike wake head" Jana tried to wake Mike up but it was useless i ran up to them "Danny take Jana to Chloe's House it's not far and i will put Mike behind me on the motorbike and drive him to the nearest hospital"

"You know how to drive a motorbike ?" Danny asked

"I hope so" i replied as i took Jana's arm and put it around Danny's neck and took Mike behind me on the motorbike "I need to be careful..." 

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