Reality is gonna hear us

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Rainy Day

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



I went back home , My parents were sleeping and i went upstairs to my room and before even changing my clothes i threw my self on the bed and took my phone out and kept looking at the pictures and remembering Mike falling to the ground , Because of me..i am a coward here's a trait about me , i was holding my phone still looking at Jana's and Jacob's pictures untill i recieved a text, it was from Chloe it said "i recieved you package" at first i didn't get what she meant "What package ?" i replied as i found her calling and as soon as i answered she started explaning without even saying hi or how things are going or anything

"Jana , you told Danny to get her over to my house because she was too wasted to move" Chloe said as i answered her

"Yes , i wanted to help her"  i replied

"You know me and Jana used to be bestfriends or maybe even more , we were like unbiological sisters but now here she is skiping my birthday party without even bothering to call me just to make out with a handsome guy in his fancy car" 

"Wait how did you know she... ?" before i could continue she interrupted "Danny told me you saw her making out with Jacob in his car , don't worry she can't hear us she's sleeping in my father's room till the morning , my parents are going to get back home by the end of the week" we kept talking and i lost track of time and i lost sleep for the first time and i also forgot about mike being in the hospital because of the injury in his head , Chloe is the only girl that can give me a break from reality , as we were talking i heard footsteps getting closer to my room so i hung up saying goodbye to Chloe quickly and quitly

"Honey , Breakfast is ready" I heard mom's voice from behind the door 

"Is it morning already ?...ok just a minute mom" i talk my bag and went downstairs and sat at the table with mom and dad , they kept talking about the party but all that were on my mind were the pictures i took last night "I gotta go" i took my bag and went outside and got on my bike , it was cloudy and i felt like it was going to rain 

infront of the school i saw Jana and i stopped her as it started to rain "Jana , i kept this feeling to myself for a really long time that it kills me everytime i see you i don't know what to say"

"What is it rob ?" 

"Jana i love you" i just said her face i couldn't believe i did it at first but she hugged me and started to cry "I have been hurt more than i deserve Rob..." if you asked me she tottaly deserve all of what happend to her "..And that's why i decided to stop dating or falling in love with anyone ever again" she said and pushed herself away

"There's No  such thing as Stopping love nobody can control his feelings , you just don't want me and i get it , i am sorry for the disturbance" and just like that i was feeling broken more than before and i couldn't remember anything that happened that day i was too busy with the war of thoughts going inside my mind.

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