Reality is gonna hear us

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - You made her cry

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



 Chloe Told me that whenever i feel down i can count on her to cheer me up so like that it was almost dark and i was wondering in the streets not wanting to go back home to my sick strict parents and not knowing where to go i went to Chloe's , as she opened the door i saw her usual cheerful smile but as i went inside i saw Jana sitting on the couch crying "Wh..why is she here Chloe ?" i whispered

"Crying became her usual , she's crying because of Brad" as Chloe said that i lost control of my feelings "Why the hell do you keep crying about a jerk like Brad !?" i shouted to Jana

"Because i love him.."

"But he destroyed you ! he hurted you so much that he turned you into another person that you weren't before !!" i kept shouting

"what do you mean Rob ?" Jana asked as i took my phone from my pocket and i was about to show it to her and say that Jana was never that drunk before and has never made out with a guy she didn't know but something held me back and istead i just calmed down and said what did Brad do ?

"He was only dating me to take advantages of my love and to be the guy who is dating one of the hottest girls in school , this isn't important what's important is that he cheated on me ! i saw him making out with that girl that i don't even know her name not only once but twice !! and i didn't break up with him because i adore him more than anything or anyone else and in the end he's the one who broke with me simply saying he is bored of me , you know Rob ? i tried to commit sucide two times now and Chloe is the one who held me back" after i heard it all from Jana i ran out of Chloe's house and she was yelling "Rob ! where are you going !!?" i didn't answer and kept running but i knew exactly , i was going to Brad's Rich house. i knew he was alone in the house drinking as usual as his parent's travel to many different countries and leave him her with us to play with every girl's feelings ! i finally reached Brad's house and knocked nervously that the door almost feel off and as he opened the door i saw a girl with him inside semi-naked and he was holding a glass of wine , as i saw his face i punched him with all my strengh that the glass fell down and broke all over the floor "Hey Rob chill out , why did you do that for ?" he asked with his Provocative voice and i started talking and punching him with every sentence i said 

"She loved you ! you cheated on her , you made her biggest wish to end her own life , you simply got bored so you threw her away like one of your toys , You made her cry !!" with the last sentence i said he held my arm and kicked me with his knees in my stomach and punched me with no sense of mercy and finally he held the bottle on the table next to him and broke it on my head and all i could remember was that i didn't feel anything and just fell on his dirty floor.

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