Reality is gonna hear us

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Tommy's dad arcade times

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



I woke up to notice that i was in my bedroom and my head hurts and my body too that i could hardly move a limp but i went down stairs where my parents were talking and as i appeared infront of them they both stopped talking and looked to me "Rob , you're grounded" mom said in a strict tone 

"name a reason" i replied 

dad started talking "Look son , you were late last night and we were worried sick , we kept callin you untill brad answered and told us you got into a fight and was hurt badly and could have been killed except for his involvement then he drove you here."

"Are you kidding me ?? you know what , yes he's right i got into a huge fight and someone was going to shot me but he got the shot instead of me Ha ! i am not grounded mike is going out of hospital today and i gotta see him" i said and went out of my sick parent's house and was so damn angry at brad untill i got the call from mike "Hello rob , instead of meeting in my place come over to danny's place we need to do a thing" he said

"a thing ? can you be more specific ?" 

"Don't talk much just come over" 

i got on my bike and drove to danny's and as i reached his house i found him with Mike waiting in his car "Come on get in !" Danny said "But the bike ?" i asked 

"Leave it in the garage it's safe" Mike replied

i got in the car and sat beside danny as mike was in the backseat and started talking "look i am the on who told you to concentrate on girls but i only meant it as for fun and picking up chicks..."

before he could continue i interrupted "Don't tell me we're going cruisin'" 

"No but the exact opposite , girls will destroy you both mentally and somehow physically so we need to concentrate on our selves alittle more and just forget about girls"

"remeber when we used to hang out and play videogames in Tommy's Father's own arcade when we were kids ? that's what we're doing today" Danny said

"what was the arcade called again ?"

"Who cares about the name of an arcade !? an arcade is an arcade no matter what name it carries." mike replied to me

"you just don't remember its name do you ?"

"honestly no"

as soon as danny parked the car infront of the arcade and we went inside i noticed one very fammiliar girl , she was chloe ! and she saw me she ran to us "You guys come here often ? i don't see you here alot" she quickly said "not really we just came to hang out and forget stress for while"

"I come here more than alot ! i really spend time here more than i do in my house , you guys follow me you gotta check the pizza corner" she said as she walked ahead of us and i was following her untill mike stopped me "We're here for some bros time just us , no girls allowed."

"but chloe isn' them , i guess" i said as i followed her and both danny and mike followed too. 

i could say it was one of the best days of my life we truly had alot of fun we even got to meet our old friend Tommy and chloe introduced us to her young children friends and she spent the whole time having fun with us that danny didn't want jenny to know so she doesn't get jealous , but at the end of the day she got a call from cody he's her bestfriend amy's brother , she said they were waiting for her infront of the new center in downtown and she needs a lift there fast , and ofcourse we got into danny's car and took her there. and she wanted to introduce us to eachother but mike quickly refuseed. i was wondering all day long what made him change like that.

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