Reality is gonna hear us

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Just us

Submitted: August 11, 2017

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Submitted: August 11, 2017



"Mike please , i don't know where to stay" i was begging mike to let me stay with him in his house because i didn't want to get back to my parents yet. 

"Just go to your house" 

"I don't want to"

"you have to , they're your parents ! no matter how much you don't love them they're still your parents and you have to listen to them" mike's words made me feel confused , it was the first time i hear mike talking like that. 

"fine" i said as i went into the garage to take my bike but suddenly my phone rang and it was chloe and as i answered before i could say anything even hello she started talking "Look rob i am really sorry i can't hide my feelings anymore"

"Chloe , what do you mean ?" 

"I wish you're mine rob , i love you" i felt like it was the best moment of my life hearing i love you from her and in the same time i felt like all the love that was inside me for jana turned into a new love for chloe from a long time and i replied "i love you too"

"will it be just us ? you're mine and 'am yours ?" 

"It will be just us , i promise."

"oh , i need to show you something by the way when i see you"

"and what's that ?"

"look i write a diary and i need to show you something i wrote about you"  

i felt like life is beautiful and i went out of the garage with my bike after i hang up with her to tell mike and danny that now me and chloe are in a realishionship but each one showed a different reaction.

"good luck with her bro , i knew that you would end up together." Danny said 

"wait ! don't you how many boys talk to her ? you get jealous easily man and there are like alot of boys with eyes on her"

"i don't care about that mike , and anyway no matter how many boys she spends time with she would be mine , she loves only me." i replied 

"yeah mike don't be such a pessimist , i see that's really good news." Danny also replied to mike

"i don't..." mike said 

"what's wrong with you ?"

"i am against this realishionship"

"Do  you love her or something !!?"

"i just don't want your life to be ruined rob"

"life would be better with her i know it" i said as i took off on my bike and went to home with a smile on my face and "i love you" that she said stuck in my thoughts.


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