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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Floor 16

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



A gripping debate's been taking place on floor 16, within even such a small group, Amwolf Klein's inner circle, there exists division not to mention within the whole country's electorate. Some argue for exposition to the public eye to hold their current lead, some argue for a continuation of maximum security for the sake of Klein's life. Klein, however stands in the middle, as any leader in a house divided should. He questions his advisers on achieving the best of both, the reliability of security and the personal appeal you can't get from podcasts on the Internet.

Suddenly the elevator doors open, catching the group's attention and pausing their tension. Murmurs go on with the group's side, as the barrels are raised on the duo's side. They all throw themselves to the ground as Jacob and Schneider open fire, aiming at Klein as he dives under the oval wooden table and flips it to face the two.

As they see Schneider and Jacob's shots chipping away the table, blasting away their candidate's cover with automatic fire, Klein's advisors, who had made their way to cover, start to pull out their concealed pistols and let off scattering shots towards the two.

"I thought I had implemented a no-gun policy here." Klein calls out over the gunfire to his advisor.

"No-gun policies are for civilians, you don't really think people care about regulating the weapons available to the government do you?" responds one of the advisors.

The few shots that traveled near Jacob and Schneider hit the walls or their bullet-proof vests. Schneider and Jacob start scurrying for cover, which lets Klein move far back from the shot up table through the slim hall on the other side of the room to another office room.

Moments later, with the time having dragged on to feel like hours, the room was completely torn up by gunfire, countless bullets had smashed harmlessly against the walls and Schneider and Jacob's vests, with a few having torn into their arms and legs, leading their blood to pour out and leaving stinging feelings in their torn flesh as they stand out of cover.

All of Klein's advisors were shot dead in the firefight, so Schneider and Jacob walk across the room in a broken fashion with a limp towards that corridor to the next room, towards Klein. The room across the corridor is a dead end with no exits. In the middle there is a conference table with chairs, like the other room, but against the walls there are small, closed-off office spaces with glass cubical walls, like phone booths. To find Klein, one by one, each of the spaces' glass walls is shot at to no effect other then sending small cracks into the bullet-proof bastions. In the glass space facing the hall Schneider and Jacob came from, Klein reveals himself. He stands up from under the desk, now knowing that he's safe, his cell phone being put back back in his pocket after use. Jacob tries pushing and struggling on the office space's door  to open it to no effect. Klein appeals to them with a soft, low-tone voice:

"For you, this is over now. I have guards making their way to this floor. You're not getting to me, so there's no sense in killing anyone else." 

"He spouts propaganda from a position of security, assumed security. If those panels don't come down, I'm sure the ones holding this building up can." Jacob states with  hard zeal.

"You want to take this whole building down? That guy's not lying, Jacob, we need to get out before more guards show up." says Schneider half-worried.

"No, it's at this time that we follow the words: "No point in holding back if the only objective is fighting back." We pull our punches, he lives. We go all out."

Klein looks intrigued by what's being said and observes silently, unfazed by the threat. They all hear a stampering of feet on the stairwell down the hall.

"Whatever we do, we start by getting the hell out of here." adds Schneider.

They both make their way through the corridor back to the main room and head for the elevator. When it opens, they're taken down in a melee between them and the guards who start storming out of the elevator and out of the stairwell, rushing into a hand-to-hand brawl.

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