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Chapter 21 (v.1) - The Mass Murder Stash

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



Schneider pulls her car up to her house to see that both Clay and Corey had already arrived in the campaign bus. Though it's taken on a more colourful paint job, a white background almost covered completely by multicolored polka dots. Left dumbfounded by what Clay is up to, she enters her home, the door already unlocked which puts the thought in her head of what could be the extent of Clay's 'connections' and what she can get away with, harkening back to her fib she told him days ago. Entering her own house, she greets them:

"Clay, Corey, hi. What is it you want with my house?"

"Simple, it's armory." Clay demands in a rather indifferent tone.

"So, you assume that because I lobby for guns and used guns in the army means I must have this armory of guns just sitting around my house?" questions Schneider.

"I don't assumes, I know. Lead us to them." Clay orders.

Schneider tries holding this look of surprise at Clay's statement, but going back to her thoughts of his connection she abides. She starts by opening the single drawer on the fine wooden table, almost the size of a stool, that's next to the door and retrieves the key taped to the top of the drawer space.  With it, she uses it to unlock and open a small door under her staircase to what would appear as a space no bigger then a cupboard. But when she flips the light switch, there is but another flight of stairs leading down below. Much like Clay's headquarters, there is a massive concrete-walled room, though Schneider's is stocked full of all manner of small arms; machine guns, SMGs, pistols, even a single-shot grenade launcher inside it's own display case set down in the middle of the room with a customized stock carved out of cherry wood and the name Vera engraved into it. Clay approaches this case and, unfazed, hurls his elbow and smashes it to retrieve the launcher. Schneider is bitter at seeing it taken out of its display case and mutters:

"I'm sorry Vera, I'm really sorry."

Clay, taken by yet another flicker of annoyance, walks up to Schneider, the rage boiling, and spills to her: "Look, we're not worrying about the integrity and future of a fucking gun right now, we're worrying about our own. So, better start arming up."

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