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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Modern War as a Punchline

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



At the construction union office, there has been hours of unending celebration with the union workers and members of Klein's campaign. With a strong scent of vodka and puddles and rivers of Whiskey flowing across the floor, Klein, who's drank a little more than usual, tries manning the party's attention. He stands atop a desk and the room begins calming down as everyone starts passing onto others an order of silence to listen to him:

"Look guys, what's going to change when we win, I'll love you for it and I'll hate you for it. See, the love will come when we change this country to make sure big businesses raise the quality of our lives, not just of their CEOs. The hate will come when I won't be able to drink this much for 4 to 8 years time."

Bouts of howling, drunken laughter ensue as Klein calmly waits to continue, knowing the crowd has been roughed up by their drinking tendencies. Silence once again and he continues:

"It would be fun to drink this much again, but I can't wake up from a hangover to have to say to the First Lady: 'Honey, I'm so sorry about how I conducted myself the other night. I was wrong, and I wasn't conscious about what I was doing. But, I can promise you that I won't invade Iraq again.'"

After more laughter, he finishes with saying:

"Enjoy the entertainment, it should be arriving soon." before stepping down from the desk.

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