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Chapter 23 (v.1) - The Clown Posse of Death

Submitted: June 11, 2017

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Submitted: June 11, 2017



Outside, a security guard is sitting inside a guard box with a post attached barring people from driving through to the compound. He is flipping through a newspaper with the task to check each oncoming visitor to the office. And the next oncoming car is Clay's campaign bus sporting it's new coat of paint which, by circus logic, would be transporting clown by the hundreds or thousands. They pull up to the guard's window and lower the driver's window on the bus. Inside is Corey, Clay, and Schneider, all in clown overalls and makeup to disguise themselves, with Clay at the wheel. Surprised by this entry, the guard speaks:

"A clown show? I didn't think they'd get that drunk. Alright, go ahead, they'll let you in when you pass weapon screenings and pat-downs."

And on they go from there.

The three of them enter after parking their bus and passing inspections at the door. Clay approaches the massive crowd to seek his brother in it, to be able to tear him apart, to best him. But, he stops so as not to let this disgust and anger he feels towards Klein blind him of planning ahead. He turns around to address to Schneider and Corey quietly.

"We'll need a guard layout before we make our move. Corey, you're the least recognizable of the three of us within this crowd. Even with the makeup, only you can scan the opponent's moves safely, so watch him. Ms. Schneider, you're with me, we'll pick up one of his bodyguards or advisors and see what they know."

Clay walks away from the crowd as Schneider follows and Corey merges himself into it. Clay and Schneider spend a while looking into social circles, tip-toeing around the bar and food table together with the drunkenness of all the attendees allowing them to blend in even with their pasty white skin and red clown noses. Though eventually Schneider has to stop Clay in his tracks when her attention is caught by someone in a crowd:

"There he is."

It's Jacob, sporting a suit and tie chatting with some people. They both wait until the conversation ends and the others walk away. When they do, Schneider takes a bobby pin from her hair, approaches Jacob, keeping her calm as he remains distracted and stabs it in the back of his neck between his spine shards. He begins coughing and choking, unable to speak. Schneider and Clay take hold of Jacob and manage to lead him away as if they trying to get him help and manage to do so as Jacob doesn't take notice of them. Once they're in a more sparsely populated part of the building, they find a broom closet and enter it together and shut it behind them.

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