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This is just a poem about me. Nothing really heartfelt. Cover is illustrated digitally by me.

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



I am a seventeen year old kid who favorites art

It's funny that that's where I want to start

I also love to sing and dance

Although not great at both, I'd love to give them a chance


Now let's talk about my height

Not very tall, just 5'4 and pretty light

I weight about 95 pounds, a skinny boy you'll see

If I had the chance to be shorter, it's something I'd be


I really love height differnece, I'm not sure why

It's a fantasy of mine, and turns me on, I'm not going to lie

Of course I'm pretty in control of myself

Wouldn't it be cute to help me reach a high shelf?


I guess you infer I like really tall men

I also love wolves, I'd live in a den

I really like a lot of attention

Though I'm working on not being so clingy is what I should mention.


I'm a boy who like boys, I'll say that I'm gay

Hoping to be in love with someone one day

I love video games, especially nintendo games forsure

But Skyrim is something different, yet a game I love more


I love anime it is what I live for

Music will always be played, its like a chore.

I wish that I could find a date

So I could always stay out late


I love to have company with the ones with bonds that are shared

But when I like a guy I want to be with them 24/7, something like paired

I need to change the way that I am so I won't be so needy

To be independent and not be so greedy


I get a bit jealous about sharing a guy with their friends

But I'm working on having that jealousy end

I just love spending time with him only

When he's hanging out with his friends and not me I always feel lonely

To have a lover by my side every night

Would make my life feel so right


I'd like to move to the minds that share a head

It may seem strange but I hope you comprehend

One is names Akumi and the other is Nahaku

I hope I am able to get this message through.


Akumi has been with me through the days of despair

She's the one who is in the cover flying in the air

I created her when I was depressed

She's the one who always caused me stress


With her negative thoughts drowning my mind

She didn't see her self worth and beauty as if she was blind

She wanted to kill herself constantly to rid the evil hate

Sadly it could have ended with a nasty fate 


Yes, Akumi is in my head

Honestly, in 8th grade she could've had me dead

Except a part of me that I did not know

Held on tight, and in 10th grade, finally showed


He was created into an anime character, Nahaku is his name

He had the burst of self-worth and acceptance in his game

Because of him I am much more pleased

And my life has become more at ease


Nahaku comes with positivity

To destroy times of Akumi's negativity

He helps her so much all the time

I'm happy that they are both mine.


Nahaku and Akumi aren't just that though

They have so much more to show

Both have their own likes and dislikes and agree upon some

They can agree on some perspectives, but usually they come up with their own one 


They bring me to have an open mind to what is right to some and wrong to others

But sometimes it leaves me in ambiguity, their thoughts sometimes smother

I am a very open-minded person because of these two

I undoubtfully believe that they are true.




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