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Just sadness everywhere. I am feeling empty, no one is messaging me at the moment and I just would like some communication with someone right now. Communications with people is important, I believe, whether they are just friends or lovers.

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



Here alone I sit and wait

Longing for my soulmate

Will he come, I'll never know

Why can't this feeling leave me, go..


It has me with an empty heart

Please refill me to restart

I can't move, I cannot smile

This feelings going to last awhile


I wonder why love is so hard?

It feels as if my heart's in shards

If two people like each other and connect well shouldn't they be a couple?

Who am I kidding there's more to that, Jesse keep a mind that is supple.


It hurts to think about the end

About the heart that I cannot mend

That he'll see me forever as a friend

And never be my boyfriend


I like him so very much

I hope he wants to keep in touch

Not as just a friend, something more

Jonathan is someone I adore.



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