Opening Lines: Thoughts Of A Writer Part 7

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How does a writer come up with a good opening line?

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



It's the one thing that has always bugged me about the writing process.

How does one come up with an opening line?

I mean, it is the way all stories start. It gathers our attention. The purpose is revealed. To set up the work. I could just go on and on.

Maybe another time.

The story is one yet to be published. But it is a doozy of a premise.

I have got to figure out if doozy is a real word.

Anyway. It involves my character Nick Brennan. The story revolves around him finally meeting his childhood hero. The man who inspired him to become an writer.

Sound good so far?

But there is one problem:

I can't figure out how to start it.

But have no fear. I am a professional. I know how to fix this. At least I think I do.

A writer must always remain positive, especially in the face of insurmountable odds. Also to stay strong against the dastardly foe known as a blank page.

You know, I might use that for another story. But I am losing focus.

Ok. The scene opens with Nick at a speech given by said hero. It is crowded in a university hall. About 3000 people in attendance. They are all fans, but not as strong of one as Nick is. The stories are always in first person. I know him pretty well.

"At first I couldn't believe I was meeting him. Better yet, I couldn't? believe I was seeing him."

Well that makes no sense. Nick knew he was gonna be at the conference. Also he knew his idol was gonna be there.

Damnit Robert, try again.

Ok. No problem. How about this one:

"When I found out the news that Bryant Brady was to be in Ridgeview for a speech, my reaction was one of utmost joy and jubilation. The prospect of meeting my idol made a week of sour and depressing feelings into a time to celebrate."

Robert, you need to quit watching BBC Period Dramas. Good Lord, use the erasers. There is nothing wrong with that.

God Almighty, am I losing my touch? I can come up with opening lines. I know I have one in me.

In desperation, I try one more time. This time I know it has to work.

"One of the best things of childhood is when you find your first hero. The first person to inspire and set you on the path to your future. That man for me was Bryant Brady. I owed a lot of, if not all of my success to him."

Ok, I liked that. A little more simplistic. But it rushes a little bit. It jumps three or four paragraphs ahead before you set up the story.

Well, I knew it. It's gonna be another long night. I've got my pen and laptop ready. I'll open up a new page and try again. Perhaps I'll try another story with Nick. I've got the scene, I've got the people.

But I don't have the words.

But then...........a writer always finds an opening.............or does he??????

To be continued

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