Why do things happen

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Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



Why do things happen the way they happen? by 2?S

The mind of a condescending beast works in a rhythm of its own. It tunes its surroundings to its liking and consciously switches personality in order to be alone in this world. Everyone in this world wants to be alone for a while; they need their own space and time to compose themselves, to realise themselves and to be adaptable to the sanity of the world. However, some of them, on the other hand, seek for loneliness just to get away from all the insanity of the world and sometimes, the loneliness drives to a point of madness, where you realise that the only way to survive in this insane world is to become sane in your own reality.
Life in the real world screws us up every time we put a step outside our own world. We start to see ourselves as a victim and become guilty in our own eyes. If only we were able to blink away from this lie, we would be able to focus on the fulfilment of your own wants and desire. It’s never enough to just walk away from all the things that we once so desperately desired because we have no choice but to hide these thoughts and ideas inside us and make it a part of us forever. The world around us forces us to see the reality according to their perspective but it’s only us that have the ability to try and blend in, as sometimes, it is not worth the effort because the people who are listening to you have a preconceived judgement and thus they do not understand things the way you do.

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