Sleepless reflections

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Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



Through singing trees, through hot air, through cool air, through grisly thunder

My feet become like blades at the end of spears,

Tiptoeing mirroring the path of death hungry vultures while the clock follows,

Soft pillows knock at my door but I do not answer.

I am the host to fighters worn out nerves plead but venomous thoughts show zero mercy

A never ending battle it seems each time the golden rays sleep they take root inside, twists and turns

A terrifying whirl pool of dark secrets, unknown desires, fears and I am spinning, going deep

I come back from the aches. The spirals weren’t dreams sometimes I wish they were.

The pondering grows along with me and now I am deeper the truth hits me so hard to process.

Wry eyes brooding in awe windows to a strange soul I the see the pieces but lack the knowledge.

It’s foolish to think of what’s so meaningful a game but solemn is a limited resource,

I quench my crave for a liquid oasis,

The moon graces the stars when it pleases,

Mirroring vultures once again I spin, I drown this abyss putting the pieces together one by one

It’s late but I still don’t answer,

why do these reflections always come out the victor?

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