A human body where a haunting takes place.

Table of Contents

A New Home

"Daddy is this our new home?" Asked Sarah as they drove that old truck up the drive. The house looked lonesome . It was covered in weeds ... Read Chapter

Awkward Stories

Six o'clock alarms ring . Jim rushes out of bed . He runs upstairs and knocks on Sarah's door. "Sugar , it's time to get up ; you start y... Read Chapter

The Tables Turn

Late that evening, Jim and Sarah are in the living room watching Three's Company . Sarah is feeling like something isn't quite right. She... Read Chapter

Sanctuary For Demons

Six o'clock comes around again and Jim urges sarah to get ready for school . As they drive down the road ; Sarah goes to explain what hap... Read Chapter

Exorcism Of Sarah Stevens

Jim gets out of the truck. The priest says "Quickly , we must perform the exorcism to vanquish the evil." "Her soul is marked ." They gra... Read Chapter

Spirits are Free

Sarah's scream finally comes to an end. Jim's inhabited corpse comes staggering out the door. Blood drenched all over his hands. Sarah is... Read Chapter

A New Family

Moments after Jim's death police arrive . They start to investigate the crime scene where three grisly murders took place . They are ques... Read Chapter

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Good horror book.

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