The Pull

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Anyone who deals with any ill form of temptation, I hope this gives you strength

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



The Pull


The Pull can make or break my stride,

if I let it in,

I reaffirm my strength daily and hold onto my Keys

To cool the fire within,,

The Pull can distract,

In ninety seconds or less,

The key is to find strength in the discomfort, and still be the best,

I am confident and content in letting whatever it is, go,

In my own moments of uneasiness, I consider it spiritual work,

A sacred opportunity, yet another chance to grow,

To me, it’s always worthwhile to self analyze, for I desire to live,

It is my Power I choose to take back,

The power I can’t believe, I once freely chose to give,

The Pull will remain in its place as long as it is clear,

That I am in control of this vessel,

I am the one who steers

The Pull has no choice but to submit to my demand,

To live righteously in this world and keep the bull ish away,

You’ve been warned about The Pull,

Handle it accordingly when it comes your way

Destroy your connection to it at the root,

And stay away.

Don’t play with The Pull, Don’t even take a chance,

Take a deep breath, get some cardio in, go shopping,

Get a massage or get up and dance!

Remember it comes in forms of pollution, stress,

Confusion, anxiety, and so called sin,

The Pull is like a magician, it has the slightest of hand,

I see the trick now and



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