Pretty Is As Pretty Does

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Some lessons are learned through great difficulity

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



Pretty Is As Pretty Does


Marcella was alone in this and it was what she had asked for, she had succeeded in pushing everyone away.  .  People had tried to care, they had showed her love and support, all she did in return was give them that proverbial slap in the face and now she was alone in a hospital bed, facing life in a chair.


Funny had it only been weeks before that Marcella was making fun of those who were different than she was, those walking with a cane, using crutches or with scars on their bodies.  She was so wrapped up in herself and her looks that she did not think that one day she would regret the things she said.   Now Marcella was alone so completely alone her only family not really wanting to be around her, because of the way she had hurt them. 

Now the doctors words rung in her ears, spinal cord injury, but the thing that seemed to bother her more was the surgical scar on her back, that had come when they tried to see if they could give her any hope of walking again.

At the moment they didn’t hold out much hope and neither did Marcella, but now Marcella had a scar on a body that she had once thought was perfect, and she wondered what people would say if they ever saw it. 

Will I be teased the way she teased others?

Marcella could not expect anything less could she?  After all she had teased others, said things that were completely cruel and used the guise of being truthful.  Nothing was truthful about what she said though it was out of pure spite. 

What comes around goes around!

Now Marcella was regretting the things she had said, the way she had been before.  She was regretting the meanness, the cruelness.  But she could do nothing to take it away, she could not make it right.

Marcella was forced to lay in a hospital bed hour after hour thinking of what life was going to bring her, and thinking about the way she treated others.

She could not count the times people warned her that looks were fleeting, that if you based your life on that you really had nothing, and if you made fun of someone who was disabled in one way or another it could very well happen to you.  Marcella laughed it off at the time but there was no laughing it off now, because she was living it.  Marcella was living the life she had teased others about.  The life she never felt she would have to live, if she hadn’t believe nothing could ever touch her, maybe she would not have treated others the way she had treated them.   Maybe she would have thought before she opened her mouth instead of just saying the meanest things that came to mind and hurting everyone who crossed her path.  Marcella had been mean, even though she would have never admitted it, the fact was simple.  She had been cruel and now she was faced with the cruel reality of facing the very things she had bragged about not having to face.
Marcella was going home now but the thought did not excite her, because she had no idea what she was going home to.

She had teased others before the accident because they were different because they had some sort of disability and now she was facing life in a chair this was not an easy pill for her to swallow.

Marcella had to face the reality though and this was a hard one.  She was facing the harsh realities she had teased others for.

Lord why did it take this for me to wake up, for me to realize I need to stop hurting others?  I am facing something I used to make fun of others for something beyond their control.  I did not expect to face this, if I had maybe I would have treated everyone different.

It was hard for Marcella to face what she had done to others hard for her to see the pain she had caused in others, but now she had to do something to right a wrong.  She couldn't take back what she said, but she could do her best to make sure she treated others with the love and respect they deserved, and she could show others that despite differences on the inside people were pretty much the same.

If something positive had come out of the accident that left Marcella paralyzed from the waist down, it was that it had brought Marcella to the realization that she did not have to be unkind to others that being pretty was not something merely to do with outward appearances but what was on the inside as well.
Marcella was home now and trying to amend her ways, the mean things she had said to others now haunted her.  She had been so wrong in talking about others who had a disability, now that was her.  In a second her life had changed, in the time it took to make a stupid decision, and think she was invincible.  Of course she wasn't she found that out the hard way.  She also discovered that what everyone said was really true , beauty is really only skin deep at least physical beauty, and it wasn't forever.  What was in your soul was more important.

Marcella was trying to heal her soul.  She felt bad for what she had done before, the way she had tormented some of the other kids at school, calling them ugly, finding any little flaw and making fun of it, now Marcella was imperfect.  She couldn't walk.

Marcella was still pretty anyone who could see would tell you that, but she didn't want just outer beauty anymore, and she no longer wanted to be a mean girl, like so many others in her high-school. The weeks in the hospital, and rehab had made her realize just how wrong she had been.  She needed to make amends, and ask for forgiveness for all those she had tormented.  But how?
Marcella had been home for a few weeks now, and she prayed the New Year would bring more postive changes.  The accident that had left her paralyzed from the waist down was a real wake up call, the scars on her back from the surgeries she endured left a deeper whole in her heart at first, because she had been so wrapped up in looks.  She now understood that she should have never made fun of others, who were not perfect in her eyes, she should not have made fun of those with disabilities because now she was living the kind of things they experienced. 

It was a real wake up call!

Marcella had to look at the positive of this all though, she was actually happier with herself now and that was because she wasn’t trying to bring herself up at the expense of others.

Marcella understood now what was mattered more than anything was her heart for God, she understood that was where her heart was, that she needed to be right with God.  It didn't matter so much about the physical aspects, what she could or could not do, because life wasn't a contest about who could out do the other, or at least it should not be.

Why had it taken a life changing accident to realize that?

But Marcella knew the New Year could bring her a great change, and it could bring her closer to the Lord.  Marcella needed to be closer to the Lord, she understood that now.

The fact that she could not walk was not going to matter in the end neither was how pretty she was in the worlds standards, what was going to matter was where her heart was.
Marcella had come along way since the accident, since being released from the hospital, not only was she more independent now, but she was more caring.  She was no longer the selifh person she had been before the accident, no longer judging people simply be appearance, or by what they could or could not do.  She had her own limitations now, so perhaps she understood better.

It had been a complete 180 in Marcella's life since the accident, and the changes had been for the better.  She had fully given her heart to Christ, and now lived for the Lord truly.  She did not live in judgement or hatred.  She no longer feared those who were different.

She still was pretty in the world's eyes, but no longer was that beauty tainted by something ugly inside.  Her heart was pure and good, the good Lord had made it that way, and for that she was thankful.

She no longer looked at people who were different than her and made judgement, based on what she saw, because the good Lord had shown Marcella, you can not judge a person by mere appearance, God can use anyone.  And she was proof of that.

(C) Michelle Kidwell

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