Road to Anxiety

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Experts say, it's all in the head nothing more,
Still this is the worst illness for which has no cure...

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



Bursts of cold shards run through my veins, shivers spin and twist then slowly fade only to return with a vengeful kiss. Moist lips now turned to mush, stripped of warmth and the oasis I need. My body now turning to mush, my sanity attacked like a feeble whose. No remedies fit the cure, how much longer can I endure? Stabs from steel or breath ridden by the deep blue almost seem more merciful in true. Many times I wish such a cruel sensation may vanish, cease its existence and spare me it’s habitation. But, here the pit of misery still sits, still surface, surface and resurface for a suck of life. If it were any sort of creature I would ask, how do you expects me to survive? Right before I kill it with almighty pleasure, my wanting hope, that remains but a hope, lying on the end of a rope.

Will it ever die or shall it be I? These two thoughts hang in the balance, taunting me, I curse you, painful disturbance. If you may one day go away I write these words for how to forget, when once inside me felt like nothing but clay. When torment once had a claim on me, and it was laid. 

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