Tired of you

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Boy meets girl, girl drives boy crazy. Tired. NOTE: If you Read this five page scrip, listen to tired of you by foo fighters. Also check out my youtube where these films are going to be posted. CHANNEL: TYRELL MOLSON

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017





INT. CLASSROOM. DAY A young man, REGGIE (18) sits at a desk. He’s a regular guy, not too handsome but just the right type. He’s attentively focused on the black board, reading the chalk written assignment while twirling his pencil through his fingers. A very attractive girl, TRACEY (19) enters the room. She brushes up against Reggie, pushing his twirling pencil from his hand. Tracey fetches it. She picks it up and hands it to Reggie. He takes it. They both share a moment, like love at first sight. Tracey teases with a simple smile and moves to her seat. Reggie can’t take his eyes off her. Tracey takes her seat and looks back at Reggie. She give him another smile. Reggie looks around making sure this attention is toward him. He smiles like a shy child, hiding.

EXT. SCHOOL/PARK. MIDDAY Reggie and Tracey move about away from the school. Tracey leads the way, walking backwards staring at Reggie with a smirk on her face. Reggie slacks behind, following Tracey. They appear at a park. Tracey playfully trots away from Reggie he gives chase. Tracey gets on a merry go round. She tells Reggie to give it a push. He does. Tracey spins around and around. Reggie doesn’t join in, he just watches. Tracey smiles like a big kid. This is her show.

INT. HOUSE. PRE-DUSK Reggie and Tracey sit at a dinner table with a older couple (38) these two are Reggie’s parents. The group appears to be having a good time. Maybe jokes and stories about how Reggie’s mom and dad got together are being passed around. In the mist of all the fun Reggie and Tracey have a moment. Their eyes are locked, staring into each other. Those familiar smiles from earlier appear on their faces.

EXT. TRACEY’S HOUSE. NIGHT Tracey and Reggie arrive at her front door. A farewell is in place. What should be a quick good night turns into a kiss. A kiss that grows more passionately by the second.

INT. TRACEY’S HOUSE/BEDROOM. NIGHT Tracey leads Reggie into her room by his arm. Reggie is concerned because Tracey’s mother is home asleep. Tracey shuts and locks the door. She turns and goes to work on Reggie. Their lips locked, pants unbutton, blouse loosened. They fall on top of each other, kissing with a great passion.

INT. TRACEY’S ROOM. MOMENTS LATER Reggie is wide awake, lying in bed, savoring the moments before. Tracey is lying next to him, facing the opposite way. Reggie looks at his watch. It’s late. He shakes Tracey. She appears to be asleep. Reggie gets dressed and reluctantly exits the room. Tracey’s eyes open. She smiles.

INT. REGGIE’S LIVING ROOM. NIGHT Reggie sits on the couch, looking at the time, watching the door. It appears Tracey is late. Reggie moves over to a cordless phone and begins to make a call. There's a knock at the front door. Reggie moves over to the door. He looks out a side window on the door. It’s Tracey. He pulls the door open. Reggie appears angry, yelling at Tracey. She makes a face, turns and walks away. Reggie grabs her arm. He’s apologetic. He invites Tracey in. Reggie gives her a hug. Tracey kisses his neck. It leads to more passionate kissing. They pull away from each other just to stare into their souls. Tracey smiles.

EXT. RESTURANT. NIGHT Reggie stands on a curb, waiting on Tracey. He looks at his wrist watch. He’s pissed. He makes a call on his cell. No answer. He hangs up and moves along.

EXT. TRACEY’S HOUSE. NIGHT Reggie stomps his way to Tracey’s house. Tracey is at her front door, making out with another guy. Someone older. Hotter. Reggie just stares as his world crumbles before him.

INT. REGGIE’S LIVING ROOM. NIGHT Reggie’s parents are sitting in the living room, laughing it up at some television program. Reggie enters the house, tears melt from his face. He moves quickly to his room, slamming the door locked. Reggie’s parent are concerned. His mother moves to his room, knocking on the door.

INT. REGGIE’S ROOM. NIGHT Reggie sits on the bed, crying. Image of Tracey kissing that guy flash through his head. He looks over at a colleague of pictures he has on his wall of himself and Tracey. The crying begins to cease. Rage kicks in. He rushes over and rips the pictures from the wall and tears each one to pieces. He tosses the hand full of shreds into the air. As they rain down on him, he can see Tracey in each picture. The smile on her face is the importance. It’s a look that says, “heartless”.

INT. TRACEY’S HOUSE. DAY Tracey is in her room packing a bag. Maybe she’s going away for the weekend. Outside her bedroom window, Reggie arrives in a car.

EXT. TRACEY’S HOUSE. DAY Reggie bangs on the door.

INT. TRACEY’S FOYER. DAY Tracey looks through the peep hole. She sees Reggie. She retracts. She thinks about avoiding him, but that wouldn’t be Tracey. She swings the door open. Reggie enters the house, arguing without hesitation. He confronts her. Emotions rise. Tracey rebuttals. The dispute is getting intense. Fingers are being pointed, body motion is hostile, and finally Tracey pulls out her charm and hugs Reggie. She kisses his neck. For a second he goes for it, but a quick flash of her smile makes him push her away. Tracey stares into him a sec. She slaps him, hard. Reggie rages and grabs her, slamming her against the wall, chocking her. Tracey knees his balls. Reggie drops to his knee. Tracey tries to take off running. Reggie grabs her ankle. Tracey kicks, trying to fight Reggie off. Reggie crawl-climbs her til his hands are at her neck. He loses it and squeeze. Tracey fights, scratching, kicking, and crying. Flashes of her seducing him, kissing him, and smiling speed through his mental rolodex. Before he knows it, he is holding a motionless body in his hands. Reggie comes to. He shakes her. She doesn’t move. He calls her name. Panic sets in. Reggie grabs her arm searching for a pulse. He preforms C.P.R. When he realizes she’s dead he crawls into a corner. Reggie can’t believe what he’s done. Tears flow. Reggie gets up. He goes to Tracey’s room.

INT. TRACEY’S ROOM. DAY He sees Tracey’s packed bags. Reggie continues to pack Tracey’s gear. He finds a duffle bag big enough for a body.

INT. TRACEY’S FOYER. DAY Reggie is in the living room, rolling Tracey’s body into the duffle bag. He gets one last look at her before, zipping her away from sight.

EXT. TRACEY’S HOUSE. DAY Reggie is flushed. He pulls the bag to the trunk of his car. He pops the truck, struggles the bag from the ground. A jogger, trots by, giving him an suspicious eye. Reggie drops the bag. The jogger moves to help him. Reggie signals he’s got it. The jogger scurries off. Reggie gives the bag another try. He stuffs it into the truck and slam it shut.

INT. CAR. DAY Reggie gets into the car and drives off. He survey’s his surroundings, hoping no one seen. Reggie fixes his eyes on the trunk through the review mirror. Images of Tracey and him flashes, retracting back to when he first met her.

INT. CLASSROOM. DAY REGGIE sits at a desk, twirling his pencil through his fingers. This is all too familiar to him. TRACEY enters the room. She brushes up against Reggie, knocking his twirling pencil from his hand. Tracey fetches it. She picks it up and hands it to Reggie. Reggie stares at the pencil then looks at Tracey. Tracey smiles. Knowing what he knows, Reggie gets out his seat, snatches the pencil and walks away.


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