The note

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First rough draft chapter of my book I'm working on.

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017




My eyes opened with an unexpected quickness as I heard the loud bang that appeared to be a gunshot. But my mind tends to wonder. It was probably just the neighborhood brats lighting fire crackers again. I'm always thinking of the worst. I think it's because sometimes I just hope the worst happens to me. I walk down my old squeaky wooden stairs to investigate the mysterious bang and to make sure Lexii is still asleep as she takes her last college final tomorrow. Lexii is a religious study major. I find that quite peculiar as I am not a religious man, but that's what she wanted to pursue. As I make it to the bottom of the stairs I notice a very strong odor. It smelled of lighted incense and candles. I creeped my way through the small apartment so I didn't make to much noise. I arrived at Lexii's door. I slowly opened her door and noticed right away something wasn't right. Lexii's room was clean. Usuallyhope for her survival. I started panicking. Not knowing what to do I started giving her CPR hoping to draw a breath. It was a wasted attempt. With the bullet hole in and out of her head I should've known it was a wasted attempt. "Why would she do this!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Then I saw the note... 

Chapter 2
Dear dad,
I can't live with myself any longer. I have tried everything in my power to make these demons in my head go away, but nothing is working. Maybe it's the stress or maybe it's the bullying or maybe it's just me. It's always been me.. the overly dramatic girl at school who just wants attention, but you never knew that about me... I never told you, I never had the chance, but I'll tell you now. Throughout high school I was constantly being picked on for my weight. You know I have struggled with weight all my life. I was called fat ass and many other names. I would cry.. I would cry all day and night. People would call me overdramatic and to "take a joke" but it wasn't a joke... on top of the bullying there was college and the stress of that. I know how bad you wanted me to go to college and how hard you worked to put me through it, but I just can't do it anymore. I hate myself daddy. I can no longer live with being me. Why can't I be pretty? Why can't I be popular? It doesn't matter now. I lit incense and candles to mask the metallic smell of my blood. I'm sorry dad, don't be upset remember the good times we had. Just know this wasn't your fault. 
With all the love I can still give, 
I read the note again not believing my eyes. "This has to be some joke or misunderstanding!" I thought, but it wasn't. On the blood stained pink blanket laid my beautiful daughter. Dead. Dead because of the unfairness of the world, dead because of all the cruel fucks that are in this world. Dead because of me. I hear a banging on my door. I rushed down stairs to find the paramedics and police officers outside. I opened to the door and screamed that my daughter was upstairs dead. "Lexii, lexii!" I roared. I fell to my knees and begin to sob uncontrollably. Thoughts of my baby girl began to flood my mind. "Daddy, daddy look!" Lexii yelled with excitement. I look over at her to discover her wobbly riding her bike on two wheels. I stopped what i was doing and ran over to assist her. "Atta girl!" I said, "keep going!" Lexii continued to ride her little purple bike down the sidewalk quickly mastering this task. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. "Mr. Millinski I'm terribly sorry about your daughter, but I need you to come with me for questioning."

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