World Environment Day 2017

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This very observance ask us guiding those who love our entire neighborhood for its loved existence. Let us settle our differences and make our world a better place for all this creation I can never forget. :)

Submitted: June 05, 2017

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Submitted: June 05, 2017



This day your moral conscience recall a spelling mistake,

What our creator disavowed as ideological differences in us,

One worldwide triumph becomes themes of past disillusionment,

Our history enforces some ethical breakup rest of humanity cannot forget,

Some errors never mistook observations with this historical anecdote,

Times now is obessed with remembering an intimate forgetfulness,

Now mistook as someone else demystified deafness we pay a price unforgettable,

Who never impose harsh penalties became silent spectator in the sale of events,

A human condition has grown more complex than our independence for freedom,

When every tale around its own illustrations,

We only know global alliances serve towards preserving and protecting needs to be local everywhere,

Our environment is hiding beneath with swarming hunger for the survival of all,

Forgotten victims become those losers for once they were extinct from relentless human activism,

Can we embellish above all one formula had an established voice as a underwriter of our fate here?

A mind we have where the human animal starts seeing the world as Jesus saw it,

This same home influenced living like Jesus are laid on intuitive understanding and consciousness,

Our support appeal innocence engaging on thoughtful duty and honest prayer creating our share fortunate for all,

All the Queen's knight who secure your pledge for keeping our environment clean and safe,

Ask us no cause in this agreement at risk not enforce bans on our better practices in one future we secure for all,

We are not weak in this special creation of those obstacles we must avoid repeating even for a controversy,

Our spirit in one human family belongs to this entire universe,

If you lift an embargo sure to contain a simple enviroment damage it still remains biggest success,

Let us collectively promote one anthropologist mind on the seeing voices of our future generation celebrate this rebirth,

Every time the world full of ravenous hunger for success may become this character recreation of own practices,

We are still a prominent face managed to thrive with the disorders of a planetary chronicle in a page-turning disguise,

Fortunately we are safe as its sequel luckly reflect the own course of reflected Mother Natures personality,

If we can sustain the space surrounding us with greenery and find our way back to Mother Natures forest,

A noble knowing where we are not again into problems may open us new doors of knowledge seeking when science can sniff out problems,

Our future availability put pressure on every natural non-polluted resources we need access as world's population grows,

Yet central link that connects cultural, economic and political aspects of a global society can give more bringing together different stakeholders including UNESCO, research institutions, technology platforms, non-profit organisations and private sector partnes to promote and bring observances on its significance;

Today one crowdfunding communities all over the world must create a general awareness to prevent further damage to our planet,

For one time giving a human face empowering people's attitude advocating collective partnership for all nations to enjoy a safer inspiration "go green" from today,

From those gifted advocates for all may encourage to use less paper and take public transportation to and from work,

Together well-being of a human family inspires in all people a sense of globally shared interdependent responsibility,

Our soil play key role in food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation essential for ecosystem survival;

Today global warming with greenhouse gases keep worldwide carbon emissions larger ever recorded in the entire history,

Tomorrow when the forest of people will be planted on the either pedestrian path of busy streets,

We have a natural habitat living in their environmental jurisprudence, denizens of the forest, face with restoring the rights to other forest dwelling community;

Our act on their rights must not imbalance how these communities coexist with communal form of livelihood,

For preserving their eco-balance is not in the hands of fate,

We need enviroment governance to start from home,

An expanding influence we speak about this day we forget always worth investing,

I am writing this note on the holy call of your own delightful day,

My dream for this day is,

Soon the world of human will face,

An environment revolution that will bring changes in our world preserving the right to secure a future for all,

Helping every eco-system in a human way build to protect the heritage of the human family in one name,

Have an evergreen World Environment Day !!!

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